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英语的重要性篇1:The Importance of English_英语的重要性英语作文130字

The Importance of English_英语的重要性英语作文130字
As the deepening of globalization, English is increasingly important,especially for those who communicate with foreigners. For one thing, English is an essentialtool to know the outside world. Nowadays, most information broadcast in English, especially the advanced information. For another, learning English well, we can see a totally different world. For example, we can read original novels or enjoying English movies better. Sometimes, translation may eliminatethe essence of original languages. We even would develop a different way of thinking, the English way, so different from Chinese way. In short, as acommunicating tool, English plays an important role in our lives.

英语的重要性篇2:The importance of education_教育的重要性英语作文100字

The importance of education_教育的重要性英语作文100字
It is impossible for us to make our country rich and strong without developing education. Why? Because education gives people knowledge and teaches them how to become good citizens so as to be able to serve their country. No wonder they say that education decides the progress, prosperity and civilization of a country.At present most countries in the world are enforcing compulsory education. It is necessary for all kinds of people, both rich and poor, to receive education. Taiwan is an exception as well not.

英语的重要性篇3:Cooperation is more important_合作更重要英语作文200字

Cooperation is more important_合作更重要英语作文200字
Some people think that a sense of competition in children should be encouraged. Others believe that children who are taught to cooperate rather than compete become more useful adults. I agreed with the latter.
The reasons why students should learn to cooperate are as follows. First of all, it is important for children to learn how to cooperate with other people. Then, they will have their own minds on something. They can discuss together and decide to choose the best choice. Besides, children must learn to get along well with other people who are in the same group. Only through this way can children become more independent. Last but not least, quite a few children are spoiled by their parents, but everyone is responsible for different part when they have a cooperation. It can make children become more responsible and independent.
As far as I am concerned, learning how to cooperate is one of the most important things on the way to children"s growth.





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(1) [重要性英语]The importance of education_教育的重要性英语作文100字The importance of education_教育的重要性英语作文100字It is impossible for us to make our country rich and st

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