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  If you want to ask me why we should study English, my answer will be simple and clear. Now let me enumerate the reasons one by one in the following.In the first place, English has become an international language. If you know English, you van make a trip round the world without being misunderstood.In the second place, most valuable books, newspapers and magazines are written in English. If you wish (hope) to get knowledge, you must learn English.


  童丹阳: Love may not be great, but we can find love everywhere, even in some small things, if we use our heart to feel it.
  丁清之:Even though we can’t see each other, but we can feel each other. That’s love.
  Jimmy: Love is more like friendship taken to a further level. It is a companionship that can last through hardships, joys, and even dull and boring times, with passion and comradeship.
  林鹏: Love is the most valuable thing in the world that nothing else can surpass.
  方驰:Love is when you miss somebody, like your mother or father and when you return the indescribable feeling that flls your heart you feel happy, you feel this thing is the most important in your life.
  王潜:love is when you are ill, someone will look after you. Love is when you fall down, someone will lift you.


  My dog will be dead. She is very old. We have kept her for ten years. Now her hairs are falling. And she always lies on the ground. She can’t see very clearly. She eats a little. She becomes thin. She was very strong before. She is still guarding my family. She is one of my family member. Now we are all uneasy because she will die. I think you may know my thinking. Even if it is a dog, you can’t forget it. So these days, we feet her the best food.
  The night before the examination
  The clock struck eleven at night. The whole house was quiet. Everyone was in bed except me. Under the strong light, I looked gloomily before me at a huge pile of that disgusting stuff they call“books”.
  I was going to have my examination the next day. “Whencan I go to bed ” I asked myself. I did not answer. In fact I dared not.
  The clock struck 12.“Oh, dear!”I cried. “Ten more books to read before I can go to bed!”We students are the most wretched creatures in the world.


  Today is my first day to attend this summer camp.
  I got up at six twenty. I have my breakfast with my friend at tem past seven. Then we had an opening summer ceremony. At 9:00, the classmates in our class had an exam.
  In the afternoon, we hfad two classes.the first seventy minutes, Miss Zhang taught us English. She taught us to sing a song. It’s a very beautiful and famous song from a famous movie. And then, a teacher from Australia taught us English. His name is brodie Williamson.
  Today we learn unit 1. and I felt everything is interesting. I had a happy time.


  January 28 2007
  Yesterday we played happily, but there were only ten people. I remembered last year there were twenty-two people at all. I heard some my friends had gone abroad. They went abroad to study. Maybe I couldn’t see them in the future. I think next year we won’t make a party. Next year is a very important year. We all will prepare for the college entrance examination. It is the most important for us now.
  January 29 2007
  I was bored. So I wanted to travel to Hong Kang. I told my father my decision. To my surprise, my father agreed. My father thought I always at home was bad. He thought I should go out to see our country clearly. How beautiful our country is! My father drove me a travel service. I filled out an application form. After that, the agency would finish every things. At last the agency told me it would take a week time to transact procedures.
  January 30 2007
  The screen of my father’s mobile telephone is broken. When you open the mobile telephone, the screen is always white with light. You can’t see from the screen. And my father is a businessman. He needed a new one. So my father and I went to the electrical appliance shop. There are many new kinds of mobile telephones. At first, my father chose a Sumsung one. But all the telephones have sold out. Finally, my father chose a Motorola one.
  January 31 2007
  The food in Shanghai disagree me. I think the food in Beijing is the most delicious. Seafood in Beijing is very fresh. Prawns in restaurant are all alive. And there are many food that you can’t see in other cities. It is very cheap that you eat seafood in Beijing. The less money you pay, the more enjoyable you are. Maybe my stomach is ill. Whatever food I eat, I am still thin. And I am too thin, I want to be a litter fatter. So I must eat more.


  Do you know what I like?Summer vacation.I like it because I can go outside to play.If it rains,I can stay inside and play checkers.And this summer my family may go to Beijing,because we have not been there yet.
  Do you know what I don"t like? I don"t like homework during summer vacation."This is so difficult,"I complain.But once I begin to do it,I always stop complaining.I just try to finish it quickly so I can have a good time for the next two months!

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