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暑假英语日记:love my family
暑假英语日记:GEPT comprehension test
暑假英语日记:the movie Charlie
暑假英语日记:a trip to Huad Shan
暑假英语日记:summer holiday

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  Today is my first day to attend this summer camp.
  I got up at six twenty. I have my breakfast with my friend at tem past seven. Then we had an opening summer ceremony. At 9:00, the classmates in our class had an exam.
  In the afternoon, we hfad two classes.the first seventy minutes, Miss Zhang taught us English. She taught us to sing a song. It’s a very beautiful and famous song from a famous movie. And then, a teacher from Australia taught us English. His name is brodie Williamson.
  Today we learn unit 1. and I felt everything is interesting. I had a happy time.

三:[写日记英语]小学英语日记:learn how to work_350字

  Today, I still went to my mother"s office. My mother was very busy, so was my father. They always live in Beijing. They must get up early. Because they will manage the factory. So I know they are very laborious. So I should save my money. Also I should help them. Although I can"t do something useful, but I think I should share the work with them. I am one of my family member. In the future, I will take a job and work. It"s time for me to begin to learn how to work.


  January 13 2007
  It was the first day of our winter holiday. All of us were very happy. Why? Because we have one months to do things we love to do. We are free. Although we have some homework. But we can finish them in several days. And the rest time we can make good use of. My god! We have been very tired after hard studying. In winter holidays, I want to have full sleep and eat good food in order to replenish myself. Last but not the least, I will have a good rest. 
  January 14 2007
  It was the second day of our winter holiday. I felt good. I felt I’m free. I had a lot of time to do things I like. My parents are in Beijing. So I live alone but I don’t feel lonely. But I didn’t do something special. I stayed at home and watched TV. Oh! I wrote an English daily composition. It was my homework. Today, I have slept for 14 hours. I thought I was very tired. It was time for dinner. I must go! I am very hungry. 


  童丹阳: Love may not be great, but we can find love everywhere, even in some small things, if we use our heart to feel it.
  丁清之:Even though we can’t see each other, but we can feel each other. That’s love.
  Jimmy: Love is more like friendship taken to a further level. It is a companionship that can last through hardships, joys, and even dull and boring times, with passion and comradeship.
  林鹏: Love is the most valuable thing in the world that nothing else can surpass.
  方驰:Love is when you miss somebody, like your mother or father and when you return the indescribable feeling that flls your heart you feel happy, you feel this thing is the most important in your life.
  王潜:love is when you are ill, someone will look after you. Love is when you fall down, someone will lift you.


  1.My Family
  My family includes three people and a pet. These three people are my father, my mother , and I. I also have a cat named cookie.
  My father is hardworking and playful. He rus a small business at home. He is very busy, but he always s firnds the time to cook dinner and help me with homework. Although he is strict at times, he can also be playful and funny.
  My mother is caring and hardworking, too. She’s a chemist and often works very late. Nevertheless, she is always there to take care of me. Though her expectations for me are very high. I know she only wants what’s best for me.
  My cat, cookie, is a member of my family, too. She is a cute black and white cat. At times I find her eager to play. But usually she’s sleeping on the sofa. I never know what surprises she’ll bring next.
  I consider myself very lucky to come from such a loving family. A family like mine should never be taken for granted. I love my family.
  2.My Dream
  If you want to ask me what my drem is. I can’t reply you immediately because I have so many dreams.
  When I was very young, I always sang a song to my neighbours. When I finished, they laughed and cheered. At that time, I made up my mind to be a singer. I want to sing many songs in my own style, and spread my happiness to everyone.
  At the age of 8, one day, I went to an amusement park with my parents. There were many interesting and exciting things. I played happily. When I wanted to play another one, my mother took me home. So I dreamt to open up a park and let many children play in it while day.
  But now, I have grown up. I have ever seen many places of interests in the picture, including White House, Great Wall, Pyramid and so on. How beautiful they are!for this reason, I dreamt to be a traveller and travel round world.
  But I know “too many dreams stands for no dream”. So I must try my best to achieve one dream, and I believe I can be successful.
  3.How time flies! Today was the forth day since I came here. Everyday was different. Today Mr. Brodie let us Wtch a movie. It’s called “pride and prejudice”. The heroine was very beautiful and clever. The environment was beautiful too. The movie was interesting but I thought our teacher was more lovely than it.
  Miss Zhang taught us grammer. It was difficult but important. So we must learn it. It was important for us to learn English. It helped us to talk with foreigners.
  In the night, we will have an exam about vocabulary. Our teacher said it was easy so I am sure I can do it well.
  4.A good day begins from the morning. In the whole morning, we watched “pride and predudice”. One is lovely and the other is lyrical. They enlarged my idea. I liked them very much. The afternoon was wonderful, too. We read an article about hurricane. There were many new words in it. But we guessed their meaning from the context. I learned a new way to know new words.
  Today is great.
  5.Today I went to a new class.Here I met many new faces. At first, I felt a little afraid and uncomfortable. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be accepted here, that I would have problems getting on well with others, that I couldn’t catch up with others, and that I couldn’t understand new teachers and classmates.
  Now I know I was wrong. Just as the first class begin, as the first word the teacher said to me, as the first smile appeared on my face, I realized I had been a ‘real’member of this class.
  But there are things I’m not yet used to, such as I don’t know a lot of words, and I always do things slowly. My ears are not good, but I’ve tried to catch every word the teacher says, and I can mostly understand her, and I usually know what she wants us to do, though a few words are not known.
  I’ll try my best to follow my teacher and classmates and someday I can walk with them side by side, I believe.
  班主任评语:Very good, nice essay! I appreciate you excellent English writing, and please feel free if you want to have fun with your classmates! There are only just 16 days left, well, if you want to walk with them side by side, you should do it today!


  If you want to ask me why we should study English, my answer will be simple and clear. Now let me enumerate the reasons one by one in the following.In the first place, English has become an international language. If you know English, you van make a trip round the world without being misunderstood.In the second place, most valuable books, newspapers and magazines are written in English. If you wish (hope) to get knowledge, you must learn English.


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