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一:[初1英语]初一英语作文:How to Learn English Well_500字

  English is one of the most important subjects in middle school.  Almost everyone knows that we should learn English well, but few of us know how to learn it well. Karl Marx has set a good example for us. He once said, "When one is learning a foreign language, he must use the foreign language." In this way, he could use several languages. A saying goes, "Practice makes perfect." When we learn English, we should read more, speak more, listen to English from time to time and practise writing every day. Don"t be afraid of making mistakes. Only in this way can we learn it well.

二:[初1英语]初一英语作文:Its Important to Learn English_400字

  English is widely used throughout the world.  So many people speak it as a second language. ()n line, you"ll find lots of information in English. If you don"t understand English, how can you know more about the world, how can you get more knowledge. At international conferences, English is also used as the official language. Without good English, you cannot express your ideas well at such conferences, neither can you introduce China to the outside world.


  I like blue, because blue likes sky
  I like blue, because blue likes water
  I like blue, because blue likes water dragon
  I like blue, because my dad’s cat is blue
  Blue, I love you.Yshhh!
  班主任评语:Very good! 老师很高兴看到你能写出这组排比句,其实模仿也可以学到很多东西,继续加油!希望你可以再听话一点,上课再积极一点,你就可以学到更多的东西,写得更好!
  Happy family
  I have happy family, it is my father, my mother and me.
  My father is very fat, he is a civil servant, he works  very hard.. Father is very funny, put my family very happy. I’m very happy.
  My mother is very thin, she is civil servant, too. She is a good cooker, she cooks food for everybody. She is quiet, and she likes books and swimming.
  I’m a little girl in the family, maybe I’ll be a writer. I like hamburger, chips, books, swim.
  This is my happy family!
  班主任评语:Very good!This is a good speech!今天有了很大的进步,继续努力!只要你用心写,也可以写出很多的,继续加油!要开心一点,心情好了就可以学得更好!
  My mother is a good woman. She is very good for me. Everyday she gives me a good breakfast. Then we go to my school, when I go to my class, she goes to work.
  I love my mother!
  Every night, she and I go to my room. She says: “Good night! Jenny.” “Good night!” I say. Then she goes to her room.
  I love my mother!
  During her work time, she does not rest. But she still picks me up at school everyday. When we get home, she gives me some milk and some beak. Then I go to my bed.
  I love my mother very much!
  Today is rainy. The weather is cool and I want my Mom. My Mom is beautiful. She has long hair and big eyes. My mom is very cautious. She is on duty at 8:00 in the morning and goes home at 7:00 in the evening. She often sends E-mials. My Mom loves me very much. She always tells me to study hard. My Mom likes to speak English and read books. Oh, Mom, I love you!
  The weather is very sunny. We are happy too. I have an English name now. The name is William, and it’s also the England’s Princes’s name. But this afternoon, Danielle didn’t give us an English Lesson, but Miss Ding did. We learnd a lot of words. They are relatively easy.
  In the evening, we saw an English Movie. It’s “Gone With Wind”. At first I don’t understand its content and meaning.
  I got up at 6:40. in the morning we had our breakfirst. Miss Ding gives us an English class. At first we have our dictation. Then we leard English.
  In the afternoon, bloun Danide arrived in the class. We are exceited. We learned colour such as red, yellow, pink, purple, green, bulue and silver.
  I’m expecting tomorrow
  My school
  Hello, everyone. My school is in Longgang, Wenzhou. It’s small but beautiful. I like it. You will see a large gate, in te front of the school, it says Long Gang First Middle School. The reception office is near the gate. Through the gate, go straight, you can see two parking lots. If you go down, you can see an old teaching building. Behind it, there is an administration building. Go straight, when you see a small garden, turn left, there is a play ground. There are always many students there. Some play basketball; others play soccer. They’re all very happy. Next to the play ground, there is a play ground, there is the garden. It’s a beautiful garden. I think. Some students are in it. They often chat. Oh, d you know? A lake is in the center of the garden. The water is green. Near the playing ground, there is a library. There are many books in it. I like my school.
  My Eddweiss
  Eddwiss, edelweiss, every morning you grate me, small and white , clean and bright.
  You must have heard of this song. Do you look for edelweiss? I found it. In winter, I went to the mountain. I found a small edelweiss blossoming among grass. It had pure white. I endulged in the beautiful scenery. Edelweiss is like an angel, it is dancing and smiling to me. The next day I went to see it. I cannot forget that small edelwiess.

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