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高一作文 | 2018-10-10 | 阅读:


Last Sunday, I went to Haimen to go shopping. I saw a lot of people standing in front of the supermarket when I was walking down the street.
I wondered what happened there. I hurried to go there to take a look. I ran quickly. To my surprise, there was a girl sitting in the street. The girl with a school bag was about 17 years old. There was also a piece of paper in front of her. It said, “My family don’t have enough money for me to go to school.”
I was very sad to see that. I couldn’t help giving some money to the girl. The girl was very grateful to me. She said, “Thank you!” I was glad to do it. Then I went away with a smile.
That day I had a dream in the evening. I dreamt that I had a lot of money. I did a lot of wonderful things. I helped the poor and the old.
After the dream, I know that we should be kind to others. If they are in trouble, we will try to help them out of trouble. Then we will feel very happy and we will think everything is beautiful. Then we will have a nice life. Dear friends, try to be a kind person, and the world will be better and better.
Many students in our class often said: “If we have time, we will go out of school to do something for our society”. I agreed with them. We hope to have a special day every week to help others. Last month we went to an old people’s home and sang some beautiful songs and performed a play for them. The old people were so happy that they asked us to see them again. I think we should be allowed to take time to do things like that more often. We should be allowed to have Friday afternoon to volunteer and help the people who need our help. Because everyone needs help.

高一英语文章篇2:高一英语作文:Growing pains

Growing pains作文投稿
发件人:Cosarilina <>   
高一英语作文:Growing pains
In our life , pains and happiness are always together . It"s just like standing under the sun , you"ll get the sunshine but also the shadow . We all have pains and troubles when we grow up . We can"t escape from them . Opposite , we should face them and solve them .
When I was in grade seven , I used to be really helpless and lonely . I had so much trouble with my study and my classmates . I could seldom understand the teacher when I was in class , I was shy to ask how to solve a question when I didn"t know how to do it , I even never finish my homework after school . Because of these problems . I didn"t have friends . Really , at that time , I thought no one liked to be a poor student"s friend . No one paid attention to me .
But I know , I couldn"t be a person that no one liked me . So , I asked my teacher many times "how to make friends",and I asked my parents , I even search the Internet for a proper answer . At the same time , I studied much harder than before , I tried to do my homework by myself , I did a lot of exercises , and I read many books . I also tried to talk to my classmates and made friends with them . At first , they were very surprised and tired to avoid me . I felt really discouraged and painful , but I wiped my tears off and tried my best , finally , I made it , my scores went up and I also had great friends .
Today , when I think about those days , I believe that attitude decides everything . If I gave up when I was in grade seven , I wouldn"t become today"s me . Growing pains can bring happiness , it depends on whether you can see the thing that behind it . In the way we grow , pains can make you stronger and lead you to success . 

高一英语文章篇3:高中英语作文:My Best Friend

发件人:Leak heart <>    
高中英语作文:My Best Friend
Everyone has friends,so do I.Everyone needs friends as well.Good friends are those who have common hobbies with us.I have a best friend whose name is Daisy.She is so kind and outgoing that nobody dislike her.Whenever I am in trouble,she willcome to my aid without hesitation.I still remember it was last summer vacation that I argued with my parents.I called Daisy to ask for help. She pursuaded me to apologize to my parents.She said:"your parents will love you forever whatever they do to you."The words she said convinced me.
There is an old saying that goes"A friend in need is a friend indeed." I don"t know how it will be in the future, but I will value my best friend named Daisy forever.

高一英语文章篇4:I like reading_我爱阅读英语作文

I like reading_我爱阅读英语作文
Reading is playing an important part in my daily life.Reading can make us enjoy our life.Reading has numerous advantages.Reading helps us to work engeretically.
There are a varity of books for us to choose from,like history books,science books,literary books and so on.I like history books very much.First of all,reading books can widen my knowledge of customs,cultures and life styles of different places and countries.Seondly,I can make friends through reading more books.I can share my opinion with my new friends who like reading history books too.Finally,reading is the best way of pastime.
In a word,we can benefit a lot from reading.It is worth spending the time reading books.

高一英语文章篇5:The Importance of English_英语的重要性英语作文130字

The Importance of English_英语的重要性英语作文130字
As the deepening of globalization, English is increasingly important,especially for those who communicate with foreigners. For one thing, English is an essentialtool to know the outside world. Nowadays, most information broadcast in English, especially the advanced information. For another, learning English well, we can see a totally different world. For example, we can read original novels or enjoying English movies better. Sometimes, translation may eliminatethe essence of original languages. We even would develop a different way of thinking, the English way, so different from Chinese way. In short, as acommunicating tool, English plays an important role in our lives.


About three decades ago, China was known as the “Bicycle Kingdom”. But the two-wheeled mode (方式) of transport’s popularity began to fade, with many bikes soon replaced by their fuel-powered competitors.
But recent months have seen a revival (复兴) of the humble (普通的) bike across China, with an increasing number of people choosing cycling instead of driving to schools, to workplaces or to do sightseeing. The introduction of bike-sharing schemes, pioneered by start-ups (新兴公司) like Ofo and Mobike, has brought the trend to a new level.
According to data compiled (编制) by iResearch Consulting Group, the first week of this year saw 5.85 million active users of Mobike while Ofo had 1.4 million active users.
People can unlock the shared bikes by simply using their smartphone. The bikes are equipped with GPS and can be left anywhere in public for the next user. They’re popular among many Chinese people as they provide an effective solution to the “last mile” problem, which refers to the final leg of a person’s journey.
“In places where the subway doesn’t extend (延伸到), where it’s difficult to change from one kind of transport to another, it’s so easy to get where you want to go with Mobike,” Hu Hong, 29, told AFP. She pedals (骑自行车) to her Shanghai real-estate (房地产) job.
However, the schemes have also led to problems such as illegal parking, vandalism (故意破坏) and theft.