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生活随笔 | 2018-11-09 | 阅读:


  Dear Mike,
  Thank you very much for your concern. ___________________________________
  Li Hua
  One possible version:
  Dear Mike,
  Thank you very much for your concern. Last months several places in Beijing were blanketed with thick yellow fog. Everything around disappeared from oursight. Some highways were closed. Traffic jams were commonly seen in the streets. Many people, especially children and seniors, even found it difficult to breathe. As a result, local hospitals were crowded with people who had problems with their noses and lungs. Part of the cause was the dry weather, but the severely damaged environment contributed a lot to this nightmare. Personally I didn’t get any health problems in the haze because I stayed mostly indoors.But to make a significant change we really have to do more to protect our environment. To live a better life we have to push on with the economy, but it wound be meaningless if we have to achieve it at the cost of our breathing air.
  Yours,Li Hua


  Haze is air pollution in which is mixed up with dust, smoke and other dry particles ,and it obscure the clarity of the sky and interacts with the natural environment.
  This kind of air pollutant come from a variety of natural and manmade sources. Natural sources can include windblown dust, and soot from wildfires. Manmade sources can include motor vehicles, and industrial fuel burning, and manufacturing operations. The one of the main cause that touches off haze is manufacturing operations. Many factories were over measure produced the smog that had over the standard and the smog seriously influence the air become air pollution.


  The Clear and Blue Sky
  With the broadcast of smog,this long-standing environmental problems,become the hot discussion once again.According to some reports,the frequent appearances of smog obscure the clarity of the sky recently.Some people drove slowly on the road because they could not see clearly. They also suffered from many illnesses caused by smog.
  Smog is the general expression of various higher-than-permitted suspended particulate matter (such as PM2.5) in the atmosphere,which express the state of air pollution .It contains fog and haze,both of them are disastrous weather. Fog consists of a large number of tiny water or ice crystals.It’s actually a harmless natural phenomena that makes visibility worse .Haze is air pollution in which is mixed up with dust, smoke and other dry particles. The components that make up haze may have negative effect on people"s health, especially for children and the old.
  So it’s necessary to find out the reason why leads to smog and work out the resolution.If we trace the cause for smog weather ,the main points are natural causes that include windblown dust and manmade causes which include three aspects.Firstly,china "s air quality standards are rather lax and evaluation factors are limited.Secondly,some enterprises just go for economic interests instead of observing relevant law and regulations.Obsolete equipment、industrial fuel burning and manufacturing operations are high likely to emit much wasted air.Thirdly,across our society ,relevant protection awareness has not built up.Just for the sake of convience to go out,people rely more and more on travelling and working by car while car is the main cause for smog.
  To settle this problem,a series of meaures should be taken as follows.Primarily,we should establish a sound control system of smog. Not only can environmental protection departments strengthen air monitor,but government should enact more strict laws and regulations.Moreover,Reduce pollution sources is the fundamental solution to cut air pollutants. For example,we can reduce the amount of fuel vehicles or close down high polluting enterprises.Developing green and energy-saving energy can lower the emission of smog.Last but not least, People should do personal protection.They need to reduce the time for outdoor sports and pay attention to rest in smog days.Everyone all over the country should take measures to reduce the smog weather. We can use more public transport such as the bus and the underground so that the number of cars will be limited.Also,people should plant more trees. As far as I’m concerned ,if we work together to do such measures ,smog weather will vanish completely and we will get clear and blue sky.


  One of effective solutions to help eliminate haze is to make some chemistry changes during the manufacturing process,so it could reduce harmful emissions which are produced by manufacturing operations


  1, fog haze weather windows. Go out in the outside must wear masks, water more at ordinary times, can be multi bubble drink chrysanthemum tea wolfberry tea of this kind of traditional Chinese medicine, disease prevention, fruit consumption, from home to deep clean the skin and hair, in addition to favorite morning exercises and buy food for his walk old people should pay attention to reduce go out, because the haze of the elderly the body great harm.
  2, to go out wearing a mask USA import Pu Wei Xintian cat effective anti fog
  2、外出戴口罩美国进口普卫欣天 猫有效防雾霾。
  3, more tea
  4, the amount of vitamin D
  5, light diet drink plenty of water
  6, eat more vegetables
  7, in the haze weather minimize out [6]
  8, pay attention to the speed drive
  9, when you go out, do a self protective, wear special anti PM2.5, anti haze haze mask nose cover, filter the PM2.5 whenever and wherever possible, to breathe the fresh air.
  Exercise 10, to avoid fog. Can be changed when the sun comes out to do morning exercises. Can also be replaced by exercising indoors.
  11, patient adherence to medication. Respiratory disease and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease patients in the fog should insist on to take medicine on time
  12, don"t close the window too strict. Can choose to midday when the sunnier, fewer pollutants of short time window ventilation.
  13, try to stay away from the road. The rush hour and evening large cars into the city of these time periods, the highest concentration of pollutants.
  14, calcium, vitamin D, eat tofu, Sydney


  2 )背景是,严重的雾霾天气。
  As is vividly depicted from the above picture,it seems to be astonishing and thought-provoking on second thoughts. The most eye-catching feature in the picture that impresses me profoundly is that incredibly even the pet dog wears a mask to prevent the terrible smog and haze. As a matter of fact, recent years has witnessed a severe air-pollutionphenomenon triggered by automobile gas emission and industrial exhaust, which will definitely bedisastrous to individual survival and personal development.
  It goes without saying that the problem of hazy weather should be attached great importance to by the government and the consequences should be taken into profound consideration. To account for the above-mentioned air-pollution phenomenon, a couple of severe reasons should be pointed out. On the one hand , the severely polluted air industrial wastes have been pumped into the air, the lakes and rivers and an increasing number of automobiles crowd into the streets and produce the gas emission. On the other hand, the widespread use of plastic bags and coal burning as well as the nationwide construction dust have been pumped into the air from time to time.
  As a matter of fact, the smog and haze not only does harm to the lungs and noses but alsogives rise to horrible traffic accidents. In addition, no issue is as harmful as theenvironmental deterioration, which will be a potential threat to the survival of human beings that we are unwilling to see. Just according to a recent survey made by one Morning News, more than 40 percent of Chinese cities are suffering from the hazy weather per year.
  As a result, it is essential that a couple of effective measures should be taken to prevent the environmental pollution. To start with, the local government should take more steps, such as closing the factories which produced too much industrial exhaust, planting more trees and develop more high-tech products so that air quality can be better and the weather can be more agreeable. In addition, the government should severely punish those who destroy the environment intentionally. Last but not least, it is urgent to limit the number of private cars in the urban cities and we should adopt the most cutting-edge technologies with a view to creating more energy substitutes instead of the petroleum. Only by the above-mentioned pragmatic measures can we enjoy better health and live a more comfortable life.
  smog and haze 雾霾
  trigger 造成
  thought-provoking 发人深思的
  industrial exhaust 工业废气
  potential threat 潜在的威胁
  disastrous 灾难性的
  the most cutting-edge technologies 最尖端的科技
  witness 见证
  with a view to doing sth 旨在做某事.
  gives rise to 导致
  account for 说明(现象、原因、理由等)
  environmental deterioration 环境恶化
  It goes without saying that 毋庸置疑的是