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安全工作 | 2019-04-14 | 阅读:



  i am from xxx a communist party official community members, i call xxxx. on december 12th xxxx to join the chinese communist party, and in xxxx on dec. 15 in july, xxxxwill achieve becomes smooth finish school joins xxxx district branch organization of this glorious. during the period of school i studied the financial accounting major, and the students' management organization, in their constant efforts become an excellent student body president. in his work, the first learned to work, a good leader should have excellent work unceasingly, will have good interpersonal relationship. learn financial, enlightened life. xxx, let me understand the professional study, to be one step a footprint, the collapse of tashi. now that i'm graduating from college, but walked into the classroom society, i knew i have many insufficient place, so after learning, i will like to sit in the senior leaders, learn a lot. in order to progress to the community, in order to reflect the progress, the streets of advanced nature of the communist party of china, let us work together!


  good morning, this is my honor to this opportunity for the interview, my name is renzhongyao, i am 21 years old andwill be graduated from hubei university in this major is electronic information engineering .

  frankly speaking,i am a hard-working student, and like study intensively. when i was afreshman, i was concentrated on basic courses. during the nexttwo years, i spent more time on speciality. and in that time i realized that theability not only means my achievement on speciality , but also improve inlogic thinking , quickly learning ,discovering and resolving problem,moreover , i pay much attention to earn more social experience, iwas once a sales in china stacom in summer in 2005, meanwhile,i got a winning prize for technology competition of landian cup.

  i like challengi ng difficulties in my major as well as in my life, just so, i was deeply attractedby this vocation . if i could be given the chance to study here , i will make full use ofmy postgraduate period to improve myself . its history, its humanities and its academic atmosphere in southwest jiaotong university impress me very much, i will try my best to study here.


  hello,every one,my english name is xxxx,as the first word is a,means i do work the best.

  i have graduated from my university two years,nowadays,i work in a family firm of human resources department,my occupation is training,even though the job is not relative with my major of international economical and tradein university,i also enjoy me job very much,whenthere are employees come in,i would train them about company system,somethings need to notice,when i see them come to the operating post successfully,i feel very pride.

  i live in a domitory of company,is a one bedroom apartment,there are three colleagues,i communicate with them very harmony,at the same time,the traffic is very convenient,you can go to every where nearby by bus.

  oh,about my spare time, after work,i offen walking inthe are pablic s quare,and,at the weekend,i always would like to shopping,and buying a lot of beautiful clothes.





  1. 准备好所有证书材料,譬如与专业能力相关资格证书,或参加 培训 资料,最好和应征职务有直接关联,不但可证明自己在这一方面所做努力,也表示具有这个潜能。

  2. 面试时自我介绍内容应强调应征动机以及想应征岗位,因此收集好相关岗位情报,自我介绍时才能胸有成竹,切合主题。

  3. 对目标公司所在地、规模、在全球活动概况等要事先有所解,包括总公司在国内设立分公司时间、业绩表现、经营规模,以及今后打算开展业务等,若能得到业界评价更好。如无法得到书面资料,也要设法从该公司或其他同业中获得情报。



  1、诚意。某个问题发表完见解之后,可以附带加上一句:I?d like to hear your opinion.(我很想听听你意见。)这句话表明你对面试人尊敬,很容易使他(她)产生亲切感。当面试人在试探你应聘诚意时,应该及时表态:So far as that is concerned, you must have understood my determination.(谈到这里,您一定已经明白我决心。)问些与工作内容相关问题,能表现你对这份工作兴趣。如:What other responsibilities do you think this job will include?

  2、能力。当你知道招聘单位目前急于用人时,首先把自己专长讲足说够,然后顺理成章地得出结论:I think your unit needs a man like me.(我想,贵单位需要象我这样人才。)用这样句式,让面试人认为你是站在他们立场上说话,在替他们发展考虑问题,于是更容易接受你。陈述自己任职资格时,可以这么开头:I?m qualified for the job because……(我能胜任这项工作,是因为……)接着陈述理由。当面试人在审视你究竟能不能胜任此职时,参照标准已不再是他心目中标准,而是你列举理由。

  3、业绩。外国公司面试喜欢用事实说话,用数字说话,为证明你能力,你可以把过去经历联系起来,说明你曾经为以前公司解决过跟现在雇主所面临类似问题:I explored BEIJING market and sold 50,000 sets in one year.(我开发北京市场,一年销售出去5万套。)





  灵活应聘者往往会把“我”开头话,变成“你”字打头。例如,面试人说:Would you please say something about yourself?(请你谈谈自己情况好吗?)应聘者则说:Do you want me to talk about my personal life or to say something about the job?(你想让我谈谈我个人生活呢,还是与这份工作有关问题?)这样,你谈话就把面试人摆进去。这种谈话方式所产生效果是不言而喻。面试毕竟是面试人与应聘者互相沟通一种场合,应聘者时常把面试人摆进自己谈话当中去,自然而然就起到互相沟通作用。