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readingmakesusgrowup中考作文(共9篇)Module 7-Module2复习小页Module 7一、单词拼写根据句意及汉语意思完成句中单词。1 Some of their_______(作品)were published in 1858 2 What we read ___________(影响)our thinking 3 Do,下面是新魁文章网zhangxingkui.cn小编为大家整理的readingmakesusgrowup中考作文,欢迎阅读!



Module 7-Module2复习小页

Module 7



1. Some of their_______(作品)were published in 1858.

2. What we read ___________(影响)our thinking.

3. Do you__________(认为) he‘ll fail to catch the train?

4. The radio says it‘s going to rain, so it‘s__________(明智)of you to take your umbrella

5. They are _______(讨论)the ______(评论) of the film.

6. The boys had many_________ /əd'ventʃəz/ on the island.

7. We should help each other with our _________ /'neɪbəz/.

8. Luckily, all the people _________ /ɪs'keɪpt/ from the big fire.

9. They are all _________ /sə'praɪzd/ to find them _____ /ə'laɪv/.

10. Bad people should pay for their _______ /'ækʃnz/.

11. Many people went to the famous person‘s _______/'fju:nrəl/


1. The thief_____ _______(逃跑)from the window of the house.

2. If you do that, you might_____ ______ __________(遇到麻烦).

3. _______(我们中的每个人) of us _______(读) a favourite book.

4.你觉得„怎么样啊?_____ do you _____ _______...?

5. The writer______ _____ ______(不如„著名) that one.

6.Why don‘t you _______ ______ the ______(参加讨论)?

7. I ______(接受)they are great, because their works.

8. 怎么了?____________ 9把„作为„来描述________________



(Betty is talking with her friend Daming on the phone.)

Daming: Hello, this is Daming. Who‘s that?

Betty: This is Betty. Iwant to visit your hometown- Liaocheng. Can you give me some suggestions?

Daming: 1. __________________________________________. What do you want to know? Betty: 2. ____________________________________________?

Daming: Yes, you are right. It‘s usually very hot in summer.

Betty: 3. _______________________________________________?

Daming: I think you‘d better come in October.

Betty: 4. ________________________________________________?

Daming: Because the weather starts to get cooler and the trees start to change colour.

Betty: 5. _________________________________________________?

Daming: You can visit many places of interest here, such as Dongchang Lake and Guangyue

Tower and you can also try some traditional Chinese food.


Just look at how many young writers like Han Han and Guo Jingming are loved, we may know 6. ______(write) has become a fashion among today‘s teenagers.

Gao Can, a 13-year-old girl, is the 7._____(young) member of the Association of Writers of Shanxi. She writes fairy tales, short 8.________(story), and most of all, poems. Gao said she began poem writing when she was in primary school. Once the teacher asked the class to write a competition 9._______(call) ―If I were …‖, Gao had 10. _____(冠词) idea, ‖Why not make it a poem?‖ That was her11.______(one)poem, and it won a lot of compliments from both her teacher and classmates, So far, hundreds of her poems have come out.

―Writing poems is not difficukt at all. Just express 12.______(you) about what you do, what you see or what you think.‖ said Gao, ― I don‘t have enough life experience, so I write about nature, about things I feel inside.‖

However, teenagers these days seldom write poems or read them because exams want any kind of articles except poems.

But like Gao, there are still students who like poems. Hu Jingzhi is one of them, The 14-year-old boy said he was interested 13. ______(介词) poem writing. But it was annoying that he couldn‘t find poem collections in nearby bookshops.

Gao agreed with Hu. She said today‘s bookshops were 14._______(fill) with books ― how to give a successful speech‖, ― how to know what others think‖ or ― how to make money


― Poems won‘t teach you how to make money, but the beautiful words clear your mind and activate your imagination,‖ Said Gao, ―At least read poems –for the nice things in life.‖


James Joule was a famous British scientist. He was very interested 1.____ physics.

One day, little James went 2.___on a lake with his elder brother. James wanted to do an experiment on echo(回声). He put some powder in a gun and –―Ping!‖- he 3._____ it. His eyebrows were burnt, and his poor brother was 4. ____ that he nearly dropped out of the boat. But James was 5.___scared that he got to know how strong the echo was from the experiment. Later, the weather suddenly 6.______. It was going to rain. James didn‘t want to go home with his brother. Instead, he climbed up a mountain to do 7._____ experiment. ― Why does thunder(雷) come after lightning(闪电)?― He 8.____ recorded the time between each flash of lightning and each clap of thunder.

James told his teacher about this experiment. ―The lightning and thunder actually 9.____ at the same time,‖ the teacher said.

―But 10.___ did I see lightning first?‖ James asked.

―It was because light travels 11. ___ than sound,‖ the teacher explained.

James fell in love with physics and took great interested in science. He studied hard and did a lot of experiments in his whole life.

1. A. for B. with C. in D. at

2. A. swimming B. skating C. boating D. climbing

3. A. hired B. stopped C. burned D. fired

4. A. so B. such C. too D. enough

5. A. sad B. glad C. lucky D. lovely

6. A. changed B. stopped C. began D. made

7. A. the other B. other C. another D. others

8. A. careful B. carefully C. careless D. carelessly

9. A. was happened B. happened C. was taken place D . took place

10. A when B where C why D. What

11. A. father B. faster C. slower D. more


阅读对于我们每个人的成长都起着重要的作用。请你根据以下要点提示,以“Reading Make Us Grow Up”为题,用英语写一篇短文。


1. 作用:获取知识,开拓视野;提高学习能力;使人变得更聪明等;

2. 内容:各种书籍、报刊和网络等;


4. 时间:课前、课内、课后、节假日等;






参考单词:open one‘s mind, improve, have a plan, make notes

Reading Makes Us Grow Up

Reading is very important in our life. We can get knowledge through reading. It can not only open our minds but also make us clever. It is also one of the most important ways to improve our reading ability.

Books, newspapers, webs and other kinds of reading materials can help us know more about the outside world and help us grow into excellent persons. At the same time it is necessary for us to have a plan and make notes.

I‘ll spend more free time reading every day in class or after class, and even on holidays. I think reading can make us grow up happily and have a bright future. Let‘ start reading now.

Module8 Sports life


1. In the 23rd Olympic Games in Los Angeles, we won 15 gold ___________ (奖牌).

2. She holds the world ___________ (纪录) for long distance swimming.

3. Mr Smith is our football ___________ (教练).

4. She‘s got a brilliant success. It ___________ (鼓励) me to try the same thing.

5.They chose Daming for the team, and this was a good________(决定).

6. Her parents take great_______[praɪd] in her.

7. Liu Xiang won a gold medal at the______ ['eiʃən] Games.

8.His great________[ə'bɪləti] in running helped him win a gold medal at the Olympic Games.

10.If Betty‘s ________ ['mɛməri]is correct, HAS won the last match.


1.____ ______(起初), nobody knew Tom was at the back. When he suddenly appeared, everyone was surprised. 2. _______ (务必)everything is ready. 3. My spoken English can‘t be _______ (与----相比)yours. 4. Don‘t be _______ (生---气)me. I‘m just playing a joke.

5. 他可以买下许多好的东西。 He isrich----以至于)he can buy many good things.

6. As a sportsman, the daily training_____ _____(花费,占据)a lot of his time.

7. Our English teacher often___________ _____ ______ ______(鼓励我们多说)more English after class.

8.We are going to ________ __________(和-----对抗) HAS.

9. Do you think you could ______ _______ _______ ______(打破一项世界记录) some day?

10. A new company _________________ (被建立)by him last year.

三. 将下列句子子变为被动语态。

1.Ba Jin wrote these books in 1960s.________________________________________.

2. The old man read two books.


3. His friend didn‘t wash his clothes.


4. You didn‘t finish your homework.________________________________


Not all people like to work but everyone likes to play.All over the world men and women,.Since the days of long ago,adults(成年人)and children have called . They help to keep people healthy and feeling good.When they are playing games,This is good for their health.makes them happy.

.In small towns,crowds(人群)meet to watch the bicycle races or the soccer games.In big cities,ice-skating show or a baseball game. one of your sports..There are wonderful beaches and .The weather is also good for swimming.

1.A.music B.movies C.sports D.trips

2.A.hours B.weeks C.months D.years

3.A.alone B.busily C.carefully D.happily

4.A.speak B.think C.move D.eat

5.A.fun B.jokes C.dinner D.1essons

6.A.walk B.play C.jump D. run

7.A.buy tickets B.take turns C.read newspapers D.hold meetings

8.A.cool B.cold C. hot D.warm

9.A.skate B.swim C.surf D.dance

10.A.mountains B.cities C.rivers D.seas


A: __________________________?

B: They are talking about yesterday's football match.

A: Oh, I watched it on TV. It was wonderful.

B: _________________________________?

A: 3:2. Beijing Team had very good teamwork. Did you watch it? B: _____________________________. I did my homework and forgot the time. When I turn



Sample Topic 9

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

More than three decades ago, man for the first time set foot on the moon. Some people think that space research is a waste of energy and money. Discuss.

You should write at least 250 words.

You should use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence.

Sample Answer

It has been over thirty years since man's first landing on the moon, and his fascination with outer space has a much longer history than that. Some people believe that this type of study is a sheer waste of time and money. However, this issue has both pros and cons, and it should not be judged one_sidedly, in my opinion.

On the one hand, it indeed requires a great deal of time and money to train people to carry out research and experiment in this sphere, to put the research into actual practice, and to sustain countless test failures.

In addition, doubtlessly the time and money spent on space research and exploration is hard to calculate, as it is carried out by several nations. From this perspective, the research in question can be considered a waste of time, money and resources.On the other hand, however, once the research findings are transformed into productivity, we will see the situation in a different light. For example, knowledge of other planets and stars may make possible the colonization of space. At that time, the expenditure that seems so wasteful now will serve to expand and extend the scope of human existence. Currently, the progress made by scientists who have dedicated

much time and energy to this research has demonstrated this point clearly and forcefully.

In short, it truly takes a lot of time and money to carry out studies of outer space, for such research tests man's intelligence, patience and perseverance to the utmost, long before any concrete results are visible. Nevertheless, people of vision will indubitably recognize the abundant benefits to be reaped once the research is completed and its findings are put into production.

Sample Topic 10

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

A great number of people think that those with university education should get higher pay than those without, for they believe that the former have sweated and sacrificed more. To what extent do you agree with this point of view?

You should write at least 250 words.

You should use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence.

Sample Answer

Many people believe that those who have received higher education should earn far more than those who have not, because the former have exerted more efforts than the latter. Personally I do not agree with this opinion, for the following reasons:

In the first place, one's individual income does not wholly reflect the extent to which one's self_value and social value are realized. A person who has received higher education may offer more social value than one who has not. Economists and merchants may serve as perfect examples to verify this point for both are engaged in the economic sphere. Nevertheless, the former might create more economic returns for society, while the latter might bring himself more economic profits. Although the economist may not be as wealthy as the merchant, his work is more meaningful to the society he lives in.

In the second place, some people who have admirable capabilities have not had the opportunity to receive higher education. Then, after years of exertions and hard struggle, they secure a proper place for themselves in society and realize their own self_value. Such people have received no college education. However, they deserve what they have earned.

All in all, it is ridiculous to rack one's brains about who, a man with a higher education or another one without it, should earn more money than the other.

One's earnings cannot be solely determined by his or her educational background. We should observe what kind of effort a person has made and decide how we are to define “personal income" before finally judging who should earn more.

Sample Topic 11

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

There is an increasing number of juvenile delinquents. Analyze the possible causes that give rise to this phenomenon, and offer some feasible recommendations. You should write at least 250 words.

You should use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence.

Sample Answer

Surveys have indicated that currently the number of juvenile delinquents in urban areas is on the rise. Careful deliberation of this problem has given me several ideas as to why this should be so.

In the first place, the increase in juvenile delinquency is the result of the rising divorce rate in cities and towns. After their parents separate, children are not properly taken care of, and are easily led astray by evildoers.

In the second place, the intensifying pressure to compete among children to go to a better school exacerbates the problem. Youngsters who fail in the various entrance examinations are eliminated from the chance to get a proper education. Then, devoid of the nourishment of education and a school environment, they become full of resentment at a society which they feel has rejected them.

Last but not least, young people's inexperience and gullibility easily lead them into traps. Without the proper guidance and protection of adults and schools, they plunge into the illusory world of electronic games, on_line chat or even pornography. Such alienation from proper social values is the slippery slope to crime.

To sum up, the reasons for the rise of the juvenile delinquency rate are many. I have simply pointed out some of the more obvious ones.

Nevertheless, it is certain that if the whole of society pays more attention to the

sound growth of teenagers and other youngsters, the juvenile crime rate in urban areas will undoubtedly be brought down and controlled in a short while.

Sample Topic 12

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Who should be most responsible for children'seducation? Give your opinion and reasons for it.

You should write at least 250 words.

You should use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence.

Sample Answer

It seems to me that there is a clear_cut answer to this question.

Although in the early years of a child's life parents are the principal educators, that role is soon assumed very largely by the child's teachers. Even elder brothers and sisters, who may give good advice, can never take the place of teachers in molding a child's mind.

First and foremost, teachers know best in terms of education. They are professional educators, and as such they are better equipped with expertise in teaching. It is in schools, too, that children make friends and learn how to act in a socially responsible manner. Teachers know best how to organize, motivate and discipline their students. Furthermore, as children spend most of their time in schools, teachers have more influence on them than their parents do.

Parents, on the other hand, are mostly either too busy to spend time with their children, or are ignorant of the right way to educate them.

This is not to say that parents can shirk their responsibility for educating their children. Far from it! Parenting is an important factor that shapes competency and character formation in children. Failure to take such responsibility constitutes delinquency as parents.

Nevertheless, given the professional qualifications of teachers and the time they spend with their students, it is clear that the overwhelming burden of educating children falls upon the shoulders of teachers.

Sample Topic 13

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Many people think that work nowadays is more stressful and less leisurely than in the past. What is your opinion?

You should write at least 250 words.

You should use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence.

Sample Answer

With the progress of civilization, we have entered what we call the modern age. We now have computers and other machines that make our work more efficient and less laborious, and we have all kinds of services designed to make life comfortable. But somehow all this only makes us feel more stressed and less relaxed.

One's worry about job security exerts a great strain on him. In the past, most jobs required basically similar skills and simple knowledge. Nowadays, a lot more is

demanded of workers in almost all fields. Many people have to work very hard even after working hours to keep abreast of new developments and learn new skills and knowledge to stay on top in the job market.

The introduction of high_tech machinery is another source of stress.

These facilities have failed to free workers from heavy workloads; on the contrary, they have added to them. For example, E_mail has revolutionized the traditional paper_based information transmission system, but the result is that every day you are bombarded with hundreds of letters that you will never find time to read. I feel that it is not too much to say that modern technology has reduced human beings to being slaves of machines.

To add to all this, in modern society your success is measured in terms of the money you earn. The struggle to keep up with the Joneses makes people frantically pursue material gain, caring nothing about job satisfaction and spiritual happiress.Leisure constitutes an important part of our life. For people who want to adopt a healthy and meaningful life style, it is important to find time to “smell the flowers”. But modern society makes this prospect less and less likely.

Sample Topic 14

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Tourism is a multibillion_dollar industry that supports economic development. However, some people think that it causes too much damage to the local environment and culture. What do you think?

You should write at least 250 words.

You should use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence.

Sample Answer

Tourism, as a multibillion_dollar business, is booming everywhere. Some people, laboring under the belief that tourism serves as an engine of economic growth, seem to ignore its negative effects on the environment and culture. But I think that these are not concerns that we can shrug off lightly.

Over the past century, with the development of new means of transportation, travel has become easier than ever. Many popular places are flooded with visitors, who spoil the beauty of nature by creating and leaving behind God_knows_how_much trash. In addition, a lot of unsightly artificial facilities have been and continue to be built in order to promote tourism, with disastrous effects on the environment.

Another drawback of tourism is the conducted tour, which greatly restricts the exposure of tourists to local culture, and contributes little to mutual understanding between nations and cultures. On the contrary, the superficial impressions tourists get during such tours only intensify their stereotyped ideas about other cultures. What's more the foreign ways introduced by travelers may well have an adverse impact on the local people, who tend to be susceptible to the influence of more advanced cultures. In the long run, the uniqueness of individual cultures will be wiped out by such homogenization.

But don't get me wrong. I am not saying that the tourism industry shall be banned in any country, as it does help to shore up the economy in places which offer few sources

of income. The significant point is that the unchecked growth of the travel business may render the development of an economy unsustainable. So steps have to be taken to prevent the local culture from being “contaminated" or even engulfed by other cultures. It is high time that we did something to rectify this by taking the environment and cultural protection into account.

Sample Topic 15

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

The number of vacation days that an employee receives per year varies from job to job. Do you think people should have the same amount of holiday time regardless of their occupations? Give reasons for your answer.

You should write at least 250 words.

You should use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence.

Sample Answer

A famous American saying goes: “All men are created equal." This notion has been used by many people to insist on absolute equality among all people. By this token, some people believe that all workers shall have equal amounts of holidays. Unfortunately, this may not be necessarily correct.

Some jobs are mentally or physically more exhausting than others, and it will take more time for employees involved in such work to regain their energy. We are doing a disservice to them if they are only allowed the same amount of holidays as enjoyed by other people whose jobs are less tiring.

Except for national holidays, which are stipulated by law, the decision on the amount of holidays for employees is up to the individual enterprises or companies. Some enterprises may do better than others and can afford longer holiday time, which means employees in the better_performing enterprises may enjoy more holidays. This can serve as an incentive for successful enterprises to attract talented workers. As for public servants working in government posts, their vacation days are generally fixed, but this is compensated for by job security.

There is another saying: “True equality lies in the difference." That means that many things, including the amount of holidays, have to be tailored to suit special purposes. Indiscriminate stipulation of unified holidays for the sake of equality only results in unfairness.

Sample Topic 16〖

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

What are your opinions about the advantages and disadvantages of “fast food" and “traditional food"?

You should write at least 250 words.

You should use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence.{readingmakesusgrowup中考作文}.

Sample Answer

When we talk about fast food, we are referring to food such as hamburgers, chips, etc., that can be cooked easily, and is generally sold by restaurants to be eaten quickly or taken away, while “traditional food"is elaborately prepared, usually at home, using




Test 1

Never shall I forget the writing class presented to our English teacher today.

Yesterday Mr Wang, our English teacher, told us that many other teachers would visit writing class he would present to us. We were looking forward to it. It struck us as a big surprise was that Mr Wang, who was used to be punctual, didn’t appear when the school bell had rung. The teachers sit behind the class were quite puzzled. We were quite worried about him, wondered what might have happened to him. Five minutes late, Mr Wang showed out in front of us! On the blackboard was the writing titles: When Our English Teacher Was Later for Class… Only then we realize that he had intended to be late!

Key to Test 1

1. toby 2. visit ∧writing: the 3. ItWhat 5 sitsitting

6. wondered wondering 7. latelater 8. outup 9. titlestitle 10. then∧we: did

[解析] 3. what引导一个主语从句,意为:令我们很是吃惊的是„„。8. show up:露面。 10. 注意倒装结构。

Test 2

Some people learn new skills more quickly than others, so don’t be too discouraged unless some of your classmate seem to be learning English more quickly than you. If you keep on practicing, you will master your English in the end.

In the meantime, try to make English learn as fun as possibly. I suggest that you watch English language movies on your free time. I also suggest reading some English language magazines on topics that interests you, joining in the fun and games at your school’s English Corner. If your school doesn’t already have a English corner, you might want to think about starting it.

Key to Test 2

1. unlessif 2. classmateclassmates 4. learnlearning

5. possiblypossible 6. on (your free time)in 7. interestsinterest 8. ∧joining: and

9. aan 10. itone

[解析] 4. “English learning”是 –ing短语做make的宾语。 10. one泛指单数可数名词,此处指的是一个英语角。

Test 3

Thanks for your letter. You are describing a common problem experiencing by students all over China. What you already know, the competition to get into a good university or college is very fierce, and that by turn means a heavy study load for students. I know that this can feel like terrible burden at times, but my advices to you is to keep on studying as your hard work will pay for in the end.

In the meanwhile, do you best to relax. Proper rest and relaxation are extreme important. Although I know that you are very busy, but yet I want you to try to set some time aside after class and at the weekends such that you can unwind properly.

Key to Test 3

1. experiencingexperienced 2. WhatAs 3. byin 4. like∧terrible: a

5. advicesadvice 6. foroff 7. youyour 8. extremeextremely

10. suchso

[解析] 2. As you already know, 非限制性定语从句,“正如你所知”。8. 副词extremely修饰形容词important。

Test 4

If you visit London, you’ll see lots of cars, buses and bikes. You’re very cheap and quick to use a bike. As you take a bus, you have to wait for half an hour or else. What’s more, the bus moves slowly. The underground is quick but very expensive and often crowd. I used to travel to the work by bus. I often arrive at work late and tired. Then a friend of me suggested we go to work together by bike. I followed him. Although we went slowly, however, we always arrived on time. Take a bus took fifty minutes when riding a bike took only half an hour. Now I love riding a bike to work. I’ve got a little more money now, I feel much better.

Key to Test 4

1. You’reIt’s 2. AsIf/When 3. crowdcrowded

5. arrivearrived 6. memine 7. howeveryet 8. TakeTaking

9. whenwhile 10. now,∧I: and/so

[解析] 7. Although不可以与however连用,但可以与yet连用。9. while此处表示对比。10. 两个单句间不能用逗号相隔,应该使用连词。

Test 5

We all wanted to grow up happily and healthily, and for this goal you must do several things. Firstly, we should develop a good attitude to life. Life consist of not only sunshine but also hard time. We should brave in front of difficulties. Secondly, we must study hard because knowledge is the power. Because we have the power, we help to build our country and enjoy life better. In order to study it well, we need to do sports so that we can keep good. We can go running, play ball games or simply take a walk before a day’s study.

Key to Test 5

1. wanted want 2. weyou 3. consistconsists 4. time times

5. should ∧ brave: be 7. BecauseIf/When

9. good well 10. beforeafter

[解析] 6. Knowledge is power:知识就是力量。 9. keep well:保持身体健康。

Test 6

I’m a senior student and I’m now in the need of your help although I can’t stand the great pressure.

Every day I have to have lesson at school for nine hours and take at least three to four hours doing my homework at home. Our teenagers are eager to play and enjoy ourselves, but we hardly have any time to do that we want. Besides, we don’t even have enough sleep.

There seem to have three cases about the overload: the pressure of examinations, too many homework and high expectations from the parents. We often warned that if we don’t do our best we won’t have the chance to go university. The pressure often makes me awake at night.

Key to Test 6

2. althoughbecause 3. lesson lessons 4. takespend

5. Our We 6. that what 7. havebe 8. many much

9. we∧often: are 10. go ∧university: to

[解析] 1. in need of :需要。 5. 根据句意,是“我们学生”不是“我们的学生”。

Test 7NO文章长,题材

The Internet can make our life interested and enjoyable. Many of us like go online very much because they can learn how to use the computer and get more informations from the Internet. We can read good newspapers and magazines. It can make us clever in playing computer games. I can send e-mail to our friends quickly. We can chat online, it can help us get in touch with people from all over the world. But some students spend too much time playing computer games and some stay in the net bars all day and all night. As the result, their life goes very bad with them. In my opinion, we mustn’t go online while it is time for us to study. We can do in summer or winter holidays. Key to Test 7

1. interested interesting 2. go going 3. theywe 4. informations information 5. itwhich 6. a 8. atin 9. while when 10.do∧in: it


Test 8文章第二句与前后句子逻辑矛盾?换?

My grandpa was used to dislike television. He thought that people spent too much time watching it. A lot of his friends, therefore, always talked about the sports programs and films on it. They never read many books or go out in the evenings so he refused to buy a TV set.

Last year he was 60 and retired his job. My father bought him a TV set, said ―It will make you to learn some of the latest news‖. It is quite true. He has watched all the news programs. He knows far much about the world now. And he reads more books, either. In fact, he thinks he may follow one of the Open University TV course next year. Perhaps he’ll get a degree when he is 65.

Key to Test 8

2. therefore however 3. gowent 4. retired∧his: from 5. saidlearn 7. much more 8. eithertoo 9. many much 10. coursecourses

Test 9

The ―white pollution‖ problem was caused by used plastic is becoming increasingly serious, on which plastic shopping bags play an important role. In China about three billions plastic shopping bags are used every day, that results in a great waste of resources and heavy environmental pollution. Lucky, the government put a nationwide ban on the use of free plastic bags, demand that no stores and supermarkets should provide customers with free plastic bags after June 1, 2007. The rule will undoubtedly reduce use of plastic bags or promote the awareness of environmental protection. He is strongly suggested that everyone turns to cloth bags and shopping baskets. Key to Test 9

2. onin 3. billions billion 4. thatwhich

5. LuckyLuckily 6. demand demanding 7. reduce∧use: the

8. or and 9. HeIt 10.turnsturn

[解析] 1. caused by used plastic在句中作定语,修饰The ―white pollution‖ problem,而The ―white pollution‖ problem的谓语动词是is becoming…。 6. demanding that…属于分词作状语。

10. 主句中有suggest(建议), 从句为everyone (should)turn to…。

Test 10较难设问,换吧?

To improve your English reading, you should, first of all, choose something you feel it important or interested to read. Do not try to read everything. You should begin with those which written in simple English. Do not read those which prove difficulty for you at the very beginning.

As reading, do not read too slowly or look up every new word. After reading a passage and having its main idea in mind, you may turn on and read it again. This time you read a passage slowly and

look up some new words if necessary.

Keep on reading in this way, and you'll surely make a progress little by little.

Key to Test 10 2. interested interesting 3. which∧written: are 或者difficulty

5. AsWhile 6. 7. on back 8. athe 9. ,∧you’ll: and 10.

Test 11

Like a middle school student of Senior Three, I do sports one or two hours a day, such as doing morning exercises, playing the basketball, long-distance running and so on. I think it is very helpful to me. Take exercise makes me even more healthier so that I won’t be ill very often. What’s more, I also get myself relax in different kinds of sports. Only in this way can I do better job in my study in high spirit. Through doing physical exercise, I’m becoming strong and more confident than before. I do think it is necessary for everyone to spend some time on sports every day so people’s health is important in modern lives.

Key to Test 11

1. LikeAs 3. TakeTaking 5. relaxrelaxed 6. do∧better: a 7. ThroughBy 8. strong stronger

9. so because 10. liveslife

[解析] 3. Taking exercise 为-ing作主语。 7. By:通过,凭借……手段。 10. in modern life:在现代生活中。

Test 12

This morning I went to the English corner in the park near my home. It was three years since it was found. Many middle school students as good as college students and foreigners take part the activity. People there practice speak English by talking about something interesting. People also exchange the experience in English Learning. I think it is good chance for me to use that I have learnt in my English class. I was felt very cool after I got back home. I’ll try my best for learn English better, for it is so wide used in the world.

Key to Test 12

1. was is 2. foundfounded 3. good well 4. part∧the: in

5. speak speaking 6. is∧good: a 7. that what

9. for: to 10. widewidely

[解析] 1. 句型:It is/has been +一段时间+since+过去时。 3. as well as:也,又,和 。 Test 13

There are a lot of people learn English in China. How can we learn English well? Firstly, I try to speak as many as I can. Secondly, I listen English as often as possible in and out of class and write down the important things the teacher taught in class. Thirdly, at night I like to enjoy English song at home. Fourthly, I go over my lessons and doing a lot of practice after class. At last, it is also important to remember the English words. I think that we do like this, we can learn English well. In fact, there is not good and easy way to learn English well. So there is nothing difficult if we put our heart into it.

Key to Test 13

1. learnlearning 2. many much 3. listen∧English: to 4. taughtteaches

5. songsongs 6. doingdo 8. (think) thatif

9. notno 10. So But

[解析] 1. There be句型中learning作定语修饰people。9. no good and easy way=not a good and easy way.

Test 14

Play football is my favorite. I fall in love with it by chance. One day, I found a football on my way to home. I was too curious about the little round ball that I began to play it with my friends. From now on, football became part of my life. I often play football with my classmates after class. We often train ourselves, sometimes we compete in football games in order to improve my skills. Among all the football star, I admire Beckham mostly. It is not his handsome appearance but his skills that impress me a lot. My greatest dream is to become professional football player in the future.

Key to Test 14

1. PlayPlaying 2. fall fell 4. tooso

5. nowthen 6. ,∧sometimes: and 7. my our 8. (football) starstars

9. mostlymost 10. become∧professional: a

[解析] 9. mostly:adv. 大概,大部份,主要most:adv. 最,最多,极其。4. so…that…结构。 Test 15

About a mile from Mark’s building is many old houses. They are all empty and going to pulled down. His father says they are dangerous and tells him to keep away from it. However, he enjoys playing there very much. One Friday on his way home to school, Mark went into one of the empty old house. He saw a door lead down into a small dark room!. He went into the room to see where he could find. Just then he heard a terrible crash. The roof of the old house fell in. Mark tried to open the door. But he couldn’t. So he had to stay here. Mark was saved three days ago by some police. They used dogs to find him.

Key to Test 15

1. isare 2. to∧pulled: be 3. itthem 4. tofrom 5. househouses 6. leadleading 7. where what 8. herethere 9. ago later 10. policepolicemen 或者 somethe

Test 16

I used to live in a small town with green trees all around it. The river, run through the town,had clean water in it fish could be seen swimming in groups. The houses, however, was small and simple, and the street wasn’t wide enough to run cars. People worked hard all the year round but still lived a poor life. Now great changes have been taken place there. You can see tall buildings, department store and factories everywhere. Cars and buses are running in broad streets. But as the development of industry, pollution is becoming more and more seriously. A lot of trees are gone, and fish are disappeared because the dirty water. To our joy, people have been done their best to stop pollution and make the town even more beautiful.

Key to Test 16

1. run running 2. itwhich 3. waswere

5. storestores 6. as with 7. seriouslyserious 8. are (disappeared) have

9. because∧the: of 10. donedoing

[解析] 1. running分词作状语。 2. in which引导定语从句。

Test 17


牛津英语7A unit 1--3 练习题

牛津英语7A unit 1--3 练习题

Class _______________ Name _______________ Marks_______________


( )1. Nick has many CDs, because he likes _____ to music.

A . hearing B . listening C . hear D . listen

( ) 2. ----May I ______ your pen , Tom? ----Sorry, it is not here..

A . bring B . buy C . use D . get

( ) 3. _____ Gao Fang often score ______ the National Football Team ?

A . Do , for B . Does , on C . Does , for D . Do , on

( ) 4. Excuse me, _____ do you say that in English ?

A . what B . why C . where D . how

( ) 5. Kate is good at _______ .

A . dancing B . dances C . dance D . to dance

( ) 6. Don‟t watch _______ TV every day . It‟s bad for your eyes.

A . much too. B . too much C . many too D . too many

( ) 7. The price for each student _____ 70 yuan.

A . are B . be C . to be D . is

( ) 8. My parents _______ love listening to music.

A . all B . both C . whole D . real

( ) 9. ______ tea and coke are you going to buy ?

A . How many B . How much C . Where D . What.

( ) 10. Happy birthday _____ you, Many. This hair clips are _____ you.

A . to , for B . to , of C . for , to D . of , to

( ) 11.What did Daniel _______ to Simon?

A. talk B. say C. ask D. speak

( )12.I want to _______ a doctor when I grow up.

A. be B. do C. am D. is

( )13.I‟ve got some good news _________ you.

A. to B. for C. in D. on

( )14.My birthday is ________ the fifteenth day of October.

A. in B. at C. on D. by

( )15.I often listen to the news _____ the radio.

A. on B. in C. by D. /



1.There are f

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