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goodbehavior作文初三(共6篇)英语作文 初三The Great WallThe Great Wall of China is very famous in the world It is 75 kilometres from the center of Beijing It’s about 6,700 kilometres,下面是新魁文章网zhangxingkui.cn小编为大家整理的goodbehavior作文初三,欢迎阅读!



英语作文 初三

The Great Wall

The Great Wall of China is very famous in the world. It is 75 kilometres from the center of Beijing. It’s about 6,700 kilometres long with a history of over 2000 years. The Great Wall is between four and five metres wide. It’s one of the greatest man-made wonders. Seen from far distance, it looks like a huge dragon. Many people gave their life to building it. We should protect it. I think people all over the world should go to visit it. It’s so wonderful.

Module 3 Sporting life

The tenth Sports Festival of Yucai Middle School will be held from October to November in 2013. There will be 26 events during the festival. All the events will be held on the school playground. The whole school, including about 800 athletes and team leaders from 30 classes, will take part in it. Now all the classes are preparing for the festival and athletes from each class are training very hard. Hope they have excellent results!

Let’s Do Sports

I think it’s very important for everyone to do sports. I like sports because they’re not only good for my health but also good for my study. My favourite sport is swimming. Whenever I am free, I will have a swim with my parents in the swimming pool. After swimming, I usually feel happy and relaxed. What’s more, I can become stronger and stronger.

Module 4 Great inventions

Good morning, everyone! Today I’m going to talk about inventions.

Inventions are created every day because people would like to make life easier. There are famous inventions like the TV and the bicycle. TV provides us with different kinds of information so that we can know more about the world. We watch entertainment programs to relax ourselves. Besides, some learning programs help us with our study.

The bicycle is very useful, too. We go to school or work by bike. It’s not so expensive that most of us can afford one. It makes no pollution, which is good for our environment. What’s more, bicycle riding is a kind of exciting sports which is quite good for our health.

Though there have been many great inventions, I wish to invent a kind of pen which can help us write more quickly and neatly. When we meet problems in doing our homework or taking exams, it will tell us how to solve them.

That’s all. Thank you very much.

Nowadays, computers are an important part of our lives. The computer is a great invention, and has made it easy for us to communicate with people all over the world. Emailing and online chatting are both cheap and fast. Also, we can get the information quickly and easily, and learn about what is going on the world.

But there are also some disadvantages. Computers are bad for our eyes if we

spend too much time on them. Some teenagers like playing computer games, and pay less attention to their study. I think we should use the advantages influence us.

Module 7 Australia

During National Holiday, my family and I went to Mount Yi. Mount Yi is a famous place that has many beautiful views, such as waterfalls, large forest, green grass and nice flowers. We took lots of photos of them. And the air in Mount Yi is quite clear.

It took us an hour to climb up to the top. What a beautiful view we saw at the top!We played games, sang songs and then had a picnic there.

We got home at about 5:00 p.m. Although we felt tired, we had a great time. I hope I can go there again.





假如你是Hope Middle school的一名学生,请你用英语写一篇60个词的短文,向你介绍一下你们学校的概况。短文包括以下几个要点:

1.校园(school campus )

2. 老师和同学。

3. 学习情况




1. 简况:学习英语已有3年多。起初觉得英语难学,发音不好,单词拼不准确,不会语法规则,后来,在老师和同


2. 体会:要在短时间内获得最佳的学习效果,非下苦功夫不可。课内外要多听、多说、多读和多写。

3. 建议:对同学提出适当建议,以供他们学习参考。



你原来身体状况不好,经常感冒,经过一段时间的锻炼,你感到身体好了,学习效率也明显提高了。此时校报英语角正在征集“Sports and Health”的文章,你想就此机会写一写你参加体育活动后的感受。

提示词语:the Physical Trainning Centre体育健身中心 join in, energetic精力充沛


请你以“The more money one owns , the more friends he will have ?”为话题,写一篇80-100词左右的短文。 要求:文字通顺,条理清楚。


很多人都希望能在事业上有所成就, 但不是所有人都能取得胜利。 成功需要顽强的意志,锲而不舍的努力,勤奋的精神。请你以此为重要内容,写一篇100自左右的简短发言。


Zhang Hua 是一个中学生。在上星期五下午放学途中,她在地上捡到了一个钱包(wallet)。请根据图画内容和所给的单词,写一个短文。

关键词:on one’s way home, wallet, card, have to wait, in a hurry, thankful, refuse, though





3、所给词语如下:always, take exercise, like, sports, such as, go to bed, get up, take care of, take a bath(洗澡), every day, wash, before meals, all kinds of, healthy food, like, fruit, so, look, heal


How Li Ming Keeps Fit

It’s important for us to keep healthy. Li Ming gives us a good

example. He______________________________________________________


老师让同学们讨论网上购物 (Internet shopping) 的利(advantages)与弊(disadvantages),根据下列信息,请你代表你们组做个发言。

好处:方便(convenience),24小时营业,不用排队(queue with);不足:看不见物品,不能享受和朋友一起购物的乐趣……

要求:1. 语言流畅,规范;2. 包含提示内容,并作适当发挥;3. 80 词左右。



要求:1.语言流畅,语法规范; 2.要举出1个例子说明小蕾的贫穷和学习精神,如买不起5元钱一本的练习册(exercise book)…3.展开联想,适当发挥. 4.词数为80-100.

提示词:change, be not paid well (工资不高), afford, lend, return, from then on, value(珍惜), top



词数为80词左右。 提示词:cheat 上当,受骗




要求: 1.语言通顺,流畅,语法正确; 2. 适当发挥,谈谈自己的感想; 3. 词数为 80 词左右。


你听说过某些濒临灭绝的动物吗? 请以Why should we protect wildlife animals?为题,用英语写一篇短文,说明为什么要保护野生动物。词数为80 词左右。

写作提示: 1. 为什么有些野生动物处于危险之中; 2. 为什么保护野生动物很重要;

3. 我们应该采取什么措施来保护野生动物。

提示词语: wildlife(野生的) ,endangered, tiger, panda, destroy(破坏),fur, take measures(采取措施),plant, tree, build a birdhouse


请以“We Learn More Outside the Classroom”为题,从你的个人角度,谈谈你对课堂内外知识与实践的看法。 提示:1. 你认为,从课外学到的东西比在可党上学到的要多,对你将来的成长更有用。

2. 在课堂上,我们知识学到了怎样学习,而不会实践。

3. 希望不能把自己限制在课堂上,„„






4、必须使用下列单词:Mr. Smith, work, now, he, three years, make, often, say, Jixi



要点提示: 1. 爱护花草树木;







1. 字数在80字左右;倡议书应该包含所有要点;不要逐句翻译,但可适当发挥。

2. 倡议书的开头与结尾已经给出,不计入总词数。

3. 参考词汇:traffic rules 交通规则;respect vt.尊敬

Dear schoolmates ,

Our Hejiang City is trying to set up a national civilized (文明的)and clean city . We know it includes excellent environment and good behavior . So the students of our school can do something for it.

Let’s start from ourselves !

The Student Union

June 13 ,2010


I am a student of Hope Middle School. My campus is big and beautiful. There are many tall trees and beautiful flowers. There is also a big playground.

Our teachers are all very kind and friendly. They work hard and teach us very well. They take good care of us, but they are strict with us.

There are forty-five students in our class. We all get on well with each other.

At school, we learn many subjects, such as Chinese, maths and English. We try our best to learn them well.

I love my school because it’s just like my home.


How to learn English well

It is more than three years since I began to study English.At first I found it quite difficult.I couldn’t pronounce well,spell the words correctly or remember the rules of grammar.With the help of my teachers and classmates,I have made much progress.Now I am getting on well with my English.

Three years’ study has taught me that one cannot learn English well without hard work.We must do m ore listening and speaking both in and out of class.And do more reading and writing as well. That is “Practice makes perfect”.

So,in my opinion,we should work hard at English.That’s the most important thing. And we should also practise using it as much as possible.



Sports and Health

My name is Lin Tao. I'm from Class 1, Grade Three.

I think sports are very good for our health and study. I have kept doing exercise for a long time. Several months ago, I was weak in health. I often had a cold. So I went to the Physical Training Centre every week. There I joined in swimming, playing basketball and some other sports. Now I'm feeling much better than before. I'm very energetic. Good health makes me study better now. I hope other students should keep taking exercise every day. Start right now!


Yesterday we had a discussion about whether we should keep animals in zoos.

Twenty students thought that it was good to keep animals in zoos because people could see many different kinds of animals there and animals were taken good care of in the zoos. Thirty students thought it not good for animals. Since the animals were kept in cages, they were not able to travel(walk, run)freely. Animals liked to live in nature.


The Way to Success

Everyone tries to achieve success in his / her career. But some finally attain their aims while others fail. Why? Some continue their cause to the end through their cause to the end through long period of hard struggles, but others are easily disappointed and stop halfway.

Strong will, perserverance and diligence are the tree essentials of success. A man of strong will and perserverance are the three essentials of success. A man of strong will and diligence always has an inflexible sprit. He sticks to his cause no matter how tough it might be. Life is short and we have too much to do. Without diligence no one can achieve anything.

I believe that where there is a will there is a way, and that success belongs to those who can make constant efforts.


Zhang Hua is a student of Number 6 Middle School. Last Friday afternoon. When the school was over, she went home directly. On her way home, she saw a wallet lying on the ground. “Who lost it?” she thought. Then she opened it and saw there was some money and ten credit cards in it. She thought the man who lost the wallet must be very worried, so she stayed there and waited. She had to waited and waited. Then a man ran to her in a hurry. He asked Zhang Hua if she saw a wallet on the ground. He said there was some money and ten credit cards in it. They were very important to him. Zhang Hua gave the wallet back to him. The man was so thankful that he gave 100 yuan to her. But Zhang Hua said, “No, thanks.” She refused the man and went home quickly. Though it was late to get home, she felt very happy.


It’s important for to keep healthy. Li Ming gives us a good example. He always takes exercise. He likes sports such as swimming, running and playing basketball. He goes to bed at 10 at night and gets up at 6 in the morning. He takes care of himself. He takes a bath every day and washes his hands before meals. When he has meals, he eats all kinds of healthy food like fish, eggs, vegetables and meat. He also eats a lot of fruit. So he looks strong and healthy.




Unit 1 How can we became good learners?

Dear Wenxin,

There are three good ways to learn English.(有三种学英语的好方法) One way is being interested in what you are doing.(一种方法就是对你正在学的感兴趣)If you are interested in something, your brain will be more active and you will pay more attention to what you learned.(如果你对什么感兴趣的话,你的大脑就会更活跃并且你会对你所学的更加注意)If you like music, I think you should listen to English songs.(如果你喜欢音乐,我想你应该听英语歌)If you do this, you will be able to improve your pronunciation.(如果你这么做了,你就能够提高你的发音水平)

It is also a good idea to read English books because well-written books can teach you many new words and how they are used.(看英语书也是个好办法,因为写得好的书可以教你很多新单词以及怎样运用他们)

You could try to improve your English by watching English movies.(你还可以通过观看英语电影尽量提高你的英语)This will help you to improve your listening and speaking skills as you will have a chance to listen to natural speech.(由于你有机会听到纯正的发音,这样做也会帮你提高你的听和说的技能)

I hope these three ways will work well for you!(我希望这些方法会对你有帮助!)

Your friend,

Li Ting

Unit 2 I think that mooncakes are delicious!

Dear Sue,{goodbehavior作文初三}.

My favorite Chinese festival is the Spring Festival(我最喜欢的中国节日时春节). It is celebrated on the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar(它在中国农历的第一天庆祝).

Before the festival, our houses have to be cleaned and we need to buy new clothes for a new year’s coming(在节前,我们的房子必须打扫干净,而且我们要为新年的到来买新衣服).

On the eve, my family goes to my grandparents’ home for a reunion dinner(在除夕夜,我们全家去爷爷奶奶家吃团年饭). Our family usually has dumplings, fish, niangao and a great many dishes(我们家通常吃饺子,鱼,年糕和许多丰盛的菜肴).

On the first day of our New Year, people wear their new clothes and visit family and friends(在新年的第一天,人们穿上新衣服去看望亲戚,拜访朋友). Children will receive red packets filled with “lucky” money(孩子们会收到装满压岁钱的红包). That’s one of my favorite parts of this festival(那是我最喜欢这个节日的部分).

It’s my favorite festival because I enjoy spending time with my relatives(它是我最喜欢的节日因为我喜欢和我的亲人们一起度过时光). It makes me feel very happy and loved to be with my family!(这使我觉得非常高兴,而且我喜欢和家人在一起!)

Yours truly,

Mei Li

Unit 3 Could you please tell me where the restrooms are?

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Li Jie and I’m from Beijing, China(我来自中国北京). I’ll be coming to your school for a short study vacation this year(今年我要到你们学校进行一次短期的学习). I’d like to know more about your school and the courses I will study(我想知道更多关于你们学校的信息以及我将学到的课程).

First, I would like to find out the time of the course(首先,我想查一下课程所需的时间). Could you please tell me where and what I can eat in your school(你能告诉我在你们学校哪里吃饭和有些什么品种的吃的吗)? And do you know where I will stay(还有你知道我该在哪儿住吗)? I also wonder what activities I can do as a student and how I can get to school(我也想知道作为一个学生我能参加些什么活动以及我用什么方式上学呢). Could you tell me how much the course costs?(你可以告诉我学习的费用是多少吗?)

I would like to thank you for your help and I’m looking forward to your reply.(我衷心感谢你的帮助,并且期待你的回复)

Yours faithfully,

Li Jie


Unit 4 I used to be afraid of dark.

How I’ve changed!

My life has changed a lot in the last few years(在过去几年里我的生活发生了很大的变化). I used to be short but I’m not anymore now(我过去个子矮但是现在我不再矮了). I became taller after I stated playing tennis(在我开始打网球后我长高了). Playing tennis three times a week is very good exercise(一天打三次网球是不错的锻炼). Now I’m taller and healthier(现在我更高更健康了).

The biggest change in my life was becoming much better in English(我生活中最大的变化时我的英语学习更好得多了). This is thanks to my English teacher, Ms. Wong, who gave me an interesting book to read(这得谢谢我的英语老师,王老师,她给我阅读了一本有趣的书). I enjoyed it so much that I started to read other books(我如此喜欢这本书以致于我开始看其他的书). This is the most important change because I am no longer afraid of the English language and I am doing better in my exams(这是最重要的变化因为我不再害怕英语语言而且我在考试方面更好了). This has made my parents even prouder of me.(这使我的父母更为我骄傲)

Unit 5 What are the shirts made of?

My city, Suzhou, is famous for its silk quilts(我住的城市苏州,因它的蚕丝被而闻名). These quilts are made of pure silk(这些被子是用天然桑蚕丝制作的). They are made by skillful workers in many silk factories in the city(他们是由城里许多家丝绸厂里的熟练技术工人制作的). The silk quilts are used to keep people warm and comfortable in bed(这些蚕丝被被人们用来保暖和使床铺舒适. They are known to be very comfortable because they are light and soft to touch(他们因舒适闻名是因为触感轻柔). In addition, they look beautiful as they are decorated with beautiful patterns(此外,他们看起来美丽而有装饰漂亮的图案). Many people from all over the world come to Suzhou to visit the silk factories and buy not only the silk quilts but many other silk products too(来自世界各地的许多人来到苏州参观丝绸厂,不仅购买蚕丝被还买其他的丝绸产品).

Unit 6 When was it invented?

在学校举行的小发明大赛上,Andy的发明是Cool shoes,这种鞋子是用一种特殊材料做成的,可以根据脚的尺码调整大小。假设你是Andy,请你根据下面的问题提示,以My cool invention为题,写一篇80词左右的短文,介绍自己的发明。

1. What problem do you want to solve? 2. What’s special about your invention?

My cool invention

Many of us may have to throw away our shoes when they are too small for our feet. (我们大多数人不得不扔掉我们的鞋子当他们对我们的脚来说太小的时候。)It’s a big waste(浪费). And sometimes new shoes can be too tight for us to wear(而且有时候新鞋可能我们穿起来太紧了).

This will not be a problem if you wear my Cool Shoes.(如果你穿我的酷鞋,这将不会是一个问题。)The shoes are made of special materials, which can grow with your feet and always fit your feet(这鞋是特殊材料做的,可以随着你的脚生长而且总是合你的脚。). What’s more, you don’t need to worry about wearing too small or too big shoes anymore.(还有,你不必再担心穿太小或太大的鞋了。)

The shoes don’t cost much. So just have a try!(鞋子不贵。所以就来试一试吧!)

Unit 7 Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes.

I do not agree with the rule that I must be home for dinner every day. (我不同意那条关于我必须每天在家吃饭的规矩。)This is because the rule affects my social life.(这是因为这条规矩影响我的社交生活。)It takes away important opportunities(机会) for me to spend time with my friends. (它夺走我和朋友们相处的重要机会。)As a result, my life is quite uninteresting(boring) sometimes. (结果,我的生活有时候相当的无趣无聊。)I think I should be allowed to have dinner with my friends once a week. (我想我应该被允许每周和朋友吃一次饭。)For example, I would like to ha0ng out with my classmates until after dinner on some Fridays.(比如,我想在一些星期五和朋友闲逛直到饭后。) I wish my parents will allow me to do this if I promise not to stay out too late and if there is no important family activity on those days.(如果我承诺不在外面呆太晚或者在那些天没有重大的家庭活动,我希望我的父母会允许我这么做。)


Unit 10 You’re supposed to shake hands.

Dear Ivan,

You must be excited about coming to China soon.(你一定对很快要来中国感到兴奋吧。) Let me give you some suggestions and advice about Chinese customs. (让我给你一些关于中国的建议和意见。)When you’re eating at the table, it’s impolite to start eating first if there are older people at the table. You should let them start first. When you are eating with(用) chopsticks. It is also impolite to stick your chopsticks into the bowl of rice and leave them there(把它们留在那儿).

In our house, you’re supposed to take off (脱下)your shoes before you enter the house or just inside the front door. In our culture(文化), we don’t usually hug or kiss people.

When you go out with people, you should tell the hostess(女主人) where you are going, who you are going with and when you will come back. In our culture, the hostess will worry a lot about the safety of her guests(客人), so a polite guest will always let her know these things.

Have a safe trip(祝旅途愉快), and I look forward to meeting you soon!(期待很快见到你!)

Best wishes,(衷心祝福)

Xiao Wei

Unit 12 Life is full of the unexpected.

My lucky day

I will always remember the date February 28, 2004. This was the luckiest day of my life.

When I woke up that morning, the sky was very dark. I took the early bus to school as usual(像往常一样). As soon as I arrived at school, it started to rain very heavily(雨下得很大). Many students were late and were all wet(全身湿透) when they got to school. But I wasn’t because I caught(赶上) the early bus, I would have been late and wet as well(也)!

Later that day, I realized that I had forgotten my wallet(钱包) and couldn’t buy lunch. I couldn’t believe it. Then my friend Lisa said that she could share(分享) her lunch with me.

Finally, my older brother told me that night he could take me to the concert that weekend. I was so happy!

I think that was the best day I’d had in a long time.

What a lucky day!



要点:1. 表明观点,Simon是否应该抄袭Anna的作业;2. 你对抄袭作业的看法。

【范文】It is known to us(我们都知道) that some students copy others’ homework. Here is an example. Simon isn’t good at math, so he always copies the homework from his best friend, Anna. In my opinion(我觉得), Simon shouldn’t be allowed to copy the homework.

Copying others’ homework is a bad habit. For one thing, it’s against(违背) the school rules. The more we copy others’ homework, the less interest we will have in what we are learning(对我们所学就越缺乏兴趣). For another, by copying others’ homework too often, we will lose the ability of thinking(失去思考的能力). What’s more, homework is useful. It helps us know our weakness(弱点).

We should try to finish our homework by ourselves instead of by copying. Let’s take action to prevent such bad behavior from spreading.(让我们积极行动起来防止这种坏行为蔓延。){goodbehavior作文初三}.



内容包括:1. 向父母道歉,并和他们谈一谈你的情绪问题。2. 做一些休闲活动(听音乐,做运动„„)。

3. 将卧室涂成蓝色。蓝色会使你平静,放松。

要求:1. 邮件内容必须包含所有要点,语句通顺,逻辑合理。2. 80词以上。

【范文】Dear Zhang Lin,

Thanks for your e-mail.

I am very happy to give you some advice.

First, you must say sorry to (对…说抱歉)your parents and friends. Talk about your problems with 3

them. When you are in trouble(遇到困难), your parents and friends will always be there(在你旁边陪伴). They may help you. Second, you should spend some time listening to soft music(轻音乐), reading books or doing some exercise. They can make you relaxed. Third, try to paint your bedroom blue(把你的卧室涂成蓝色). This color can help you be calm and peaceful(冷静和平静).

I know that your problems make you feel upset(沮丧). I hope my advice can help you.{goodbehavior作文初三}.

Best wishes,



【写作任务】假如你是Bob, 你表妹Lucy进入初中已经一学期了, 她的生活中遇到了很多困难,请根据以下提示给她写一封信,阐述清楚她的问题,并针对每个问题提出你的建议。100词左右。

Lucy’s Problems: (Study)too much pressure; (Friendship)be afraid of talking to strangers a small circle; (Health)get pimples(长痘痘)……

【范文】Dear Lucy,

I’m so sorry to know you’ve had so many problems since you came to the middle school for one term. Don’t worry, I can give you some suggestions to help you.

First, about study, you told me you were under too much pressure(压力山大). I think you can ask your parents or teachers for help.

Then, you said you were afraid of talking to strangers(害怕和陌生人说话) and only had a small circle of friends(朋友圈子很小). In my opinion, you’d better be more outgoing and brave enough to make friends with more classmates.(你最好是更外向些,并且够勇敢地去和更多的同学交朋友。)

Finally, as for your health(至于说到你的健康), I think because you often get pimples(长痘痘), you can’t eat any hot food(燥热的食物) and eat more vegetables.

In a word(总而言之), being more outgoing, doing more sports and having good eating habits(养成良好的饮食习惯) can help you a lot in your life(在你的生活中会有很大帮助). Hope to hear your good news. 综合题(四)

【写作任务】现在越来越多的人认识到阅读的重要性。现在,请以“The advantages of reading”为题,写一篇90-110词的英语短文, 内容必须包括:1. 阅读可以愉悦身心;2. 阅读可以增长知识;3. 再给出一条你的理由,并简要说明;4. 应该有明确的主题、合理的支撑以及适当的结尾。

【范文】 The advantages of reading阅读的优点

Now more and more people realize(know) the importance of reading, because reading has a lot of advantages(优点).

First, reading can make us happy. When we are reading, we can enjoy ourselves(自娱自乐) and fell very pleased(觉得非常高兴).


Second, reading can bring us more knowledge(知识). We can know(了解) more about the world after reading. And also we can improve(提高) ourselves(自身的修养、素质).

For me(对我而言), I like reading because reading can improve my scores(提高我的分数). I can get good grades(取得好成绩) after reading.

So, I think reading is very useful and important. I like it.


【写作任务】假设某英语课上,老师要求写题为“在日常生活中如何用实际行动关爱和尊重父母”的英语作文。现在,请根据下列提示完成该英语作文:1. 我们应该尊重父母。例如:仔细聆听父母讲话;

2. 我们应该帮助父母。例如:替父母做些家务;3. 我们应该关爱父母。例如:我们应把自己事情做好(按时休息,自觉完成作业等)让父母少操心;4. 建议:日常生活中如何更好地关爱尊重父母(2条)。

注意:1. 字数:90---110词;2. 文中不能出现考生及所在学校的真实名字。


【范文】 How to care and respect our parents in our daily life?

In our daily life, parents love us so much. Can we do something for them, too? Sure, but how?

First, we’d better respect our parents, such as listening to them carefully when they talk. Then, we should help them. Doing some housework is good. Next, we can do something to care them like going to bed on time, finishing our homework by ourselves and so on.

And I think in our daily life we shouldn’t argue with(和…争吵) our parents. We can say “I love you!” often to them.(我们可以常对他们说“我爱你们!”

Let’s do something for our parents right away!(让我们立即为我们的父母做点事吧!)







2. 可用所给提示词语,也可适当发挥。

3. 词数:80。

(提示词语:go to the Chinese classes, ask friends, listen to radio, dictionary, read Chinese stories, talk with, ask a Chinese teacher for help …)


Dear John:

I’m glad to hear from you. And I’m happy to hear that you’ll come to Beijing to learn Chinese.

Chinese is difficult, but if you study hard,you can study it well. You can go to Chinese classes. When you have questions, you can ask friends. Of course you can listen to radios. And the dictionary is the best tool. You can read Chinese etories and talk with Chinese people to improve your skills. You can ask a Chinese teacher for help. I’m happy to help you.

I hope to see you soon in Beijing.




I’m in Grade Nine now. And my life has changed a lot. My daily life is quite different. For example, I used to get up at half past six, but I have to get up at six to read English or Chinese aloud. I used to go to bed at 9p.m , but now I have to stay up until 11p.m. to study for my tests.I used to spend much time watching TV or chatting with my friends online. But my study takes all my time at present. Even on the weekends I’m not allowed to go out with my friends. I have to go home after school. I used to play basketball or football after school because I love them. But I have no time now. I need time to do my homework. Now I have little time to play and to do what I like. I really miss my old days.

假如你叫李明,最近你和你父亲就“周末学生该不该与朋友外出活动’’进行了讨论。现在请你以“Should teenagers go out with their friends on weekends?’’为


3. 词数70个左右。

Should teenagers go out with their friends on weekends?

Recently I’ve had a discussion with my parents about whether teenagers should go out with their friends on weekends. My parents think that teenagers should stay at home to go over their lessons. And they should have enough time to have a good sleep. In the meanwhile, they should help their parents do some housework.

In my opinion, we teenagers should go out with our friends for fun in order that we can relax more. And we can also share ideas with each other. What’s more, we can also take some exercise together to keep fit.


以“If I were a teacher”为题,写一篇不少于100词的短文。

If I were a teacher

Teachers are just like our parents. They work hard. They spend much time on our studies.They always worry about our studies. They seem to want us to grasp all they teach. As a result of this, we students have little time to relax. If I were a teacher , I would tell the students how to learn well. If my students made some mistakes in any subjects , I would not worry much about it . “Failure is the mother of success,” you know. I would tell my students to review what they have learned and find out the solutions to the problems . And I won’t forget one important thing, that is, if I were a teacher, I would reduce the homework. I would give them some free time to relax themselves. If I were a teacher like this , I would be my students’ best friends.


提示:Mr. Green----in the living room; Mrs. Green---in the kitchen; Susan Green---at a shop; Jenny Green---at a shop; Jimmy Green---in the study(书房)

This is a family of five people. Today is Saturday. See who is busy preparing lunch? It must be Mrs Green. Because she is always cooking in the kitchen at this time of the day. And Mr GREEN MIGHT BE IN THE LIVING ROOM AND READING BOOKS. Where are the two girls, Susan Green and Fenny Green? They could do some shopping at a shop. They are free during the weekends and they need some new dresses. Oh, poor Jimmy must be in the study and doing his homework. He has a lot of homework on weekends.


假如你的英文名字叫Jenny, 请你给曾经教过你的外籍教师Miss Rona发一封E-mail


◆爸爸在福州找到新工作, 你现在就读于福州第101中学;


◆放学后常去学校游泳池游泳,周五下午去英语角(the English Corner)练习口语;






Dear Rona,

How's everything going? I'm now in Fuzhou because my father has just found a new job here. I'm studying in No. 101 Middle School. It's very clean and beautiful with many trees in it. There is a big swimming pool in my school, so I often go swimming after school. Every Friday afternoon, I like to go to the English Corner to practice my spoken English.

I get on very well with my teachers and classmates.They are friendly to me. I like my new school. I really enjoy my school life here.

Love, Jenny


Music is an important of our life. It can give us energy and it can make us happy. Different people have different ideas about music. Mary loves music that she can dance to, because she enjoys dancing. Jane likes jazz music. She thinks jazz is really cool. Tom likes rock music and dance music very much. He thinks they are interesting. Linda likes listening to some relaxing music. She likes country music a lot.




Dear Tom,

I would like to tell you my plan for the coming summer holiday. I am going to Beijing. Would you like to come with me?

I'll take a train on the morning of August 7th from Jinan. If you would like, you can come to my home first. We can start from there together. We’ll stay in Beijing for a week, so don’t forget to bring some clothes, your mobile phone and enough money with you.

Beijing is famous for the Great Wall and Tian'anmen Square, which are my favorite sites there. Of course, I'd like to visit the Water Cube and the Bird's Nest. They both look wonderful. I think we will have lots of fun there.

Best wishes!

Yours, Lin Tao


你愿意帮助他人吗?如果你有机会成为志愿者,你愿意做什么工作呢?为什么?根据以上要求,写一篇短文,字数在70 左右。

I like to help people who need help. I enjoy singing very much. So, if I have a chance to be a volunteer, I'd like to be a teacher to teach children many songs that I like. I love children. Looking at their sweet smiles is so exciting. And I think it's also a great pleasure to make others happy. If I am a volunteer, I will be a great one.



Good morning,everyone! Today I'm going to talk about inventions.

Inventions are created every day because people would like to make life easier.There are famous inventions like the TV and the bicycle.TV provides us with different kinds of information so that we can know more about the world.We watch entertainment programs to relax ourselves.Besides some learning programs help us with our study.

The bicycle is very useful,too. We go to school or work by bike.It's not expensive that most of us can afford it.It makes no pollution,which is good for our environment.What's more ,bicycle riding is a kind of exciting sports which is quite good for our health.

Although there have been many great inventions, I wish to invent a kind of pen which can help us write more quickly and neatly.When we meet problems in doing our homework or taking exams,it will tell us how to solve them.

That's all .Thank you very much.


你最倒霉的是哪一天?在那一天你都经历了什么?请以My Most Unlucky Day为题目,写一篇不少于60词的作文。

My Most Unlucky Day

Today was my most unlucky day. I stayed up until 1:00 am because of an NBA match.My alarm clock didn't go off this morning. After I got up, I found it was 7:30 am. I hurried to the bus station, but the early bus had already left. I had all the way to my school. But just them, I found I was wearing the wrong shoes. They were different. But I had no time. When I got to school, I realized that I had left my backpack at home. Just then,the bell for class rang. I had to walk into the classroom without my backpack and without breakfast. Then the teacher came to me. He stood before me for a few seconds. At last he went away shaking his head.













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