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My name is Pat and I"m from Taiwan. Right now, I"m a student. I study very hard every day. I like going to school because I"m eager to learn. I enjoy learning English. It"s my favorite class. I like to make friends and I get along with everyone. This is the introduction I give whenever I meet new people. It tells people a little bit about me and about what I like to do.


My name is LIming, I am 10 years old. I have a big family,my father my mother my brother my sister and my grandma grandpa. I love my family.
I like reading books, because i want to become a writer. I have many friends, such as Lihua Xiao ming, we often go home.
Next week, I with my friend go to park on Saturday, I hope we have a happy time next week。

初中英语自我介绍篇(三):英语作文自我介绍:Introduce myself

Introduce myself作文投稿
发件人:我是不落的太阳! <99zuowen.com>   
英语作文自我介绍:Introduce myself
Hi, everybody! Today, I would like to introduce myself!
My name is ChengZiYing, 9 years old this year, I am a lovely little girl. I have a pair of watery eyes, a pair of big ears, a straight nose, a plausible mouth, a tender little face, have a black long hair on his head. Oh, regardless of appearance! Tell me about my hobby, advantage!
I often help my mother do housework at home, I also can play the piano! I"ll play the song: "Mr. Red rope", "river bank Mongolia folk song", "dream wedding", "the moon represents my heart". Sometimes, when I was at home all right, will create their songs to play, and the lyrics!
I am very obedient at home, this is me, do you understand me? If you still don"t understand, that is quick to make friends with me!


My name is Xie Manqi.Xie is family name and Manqi is given name.My English is Betsy. I"m cute girl. I"m ten years old. My QQ number is 1968284872. I have a big head,small eyes and wide mouth. Do you want to be my friend?


发件人:﹏~`箪╀飛oο[斌] <99zuowen.com>         
I"m  Jack"s  father. My  name  is  Jik. I  go  to  work  by  subway,becauses  my  home is  far.I sometimes go  to  work  by  bus. But  today i  dont"s  work. Becauses  today  is  Sunday. My  home  is  next  to  the  hospital.  What  about  you?

初中英语自我介绍篇(六):Self introduction_自我介绍英语作文100字

Hello, my name is Tinna. I am a 12 year old girl from Zhejiang. I"m at No. 1 primary school. I prefer dancing to singing. My dream is to be a dancer. My favorite subject is English, because I have learned English and I can communicate with foreigners and learn from each other"s culture. The students all say I am a pistachio, I hope to share my happiness to you, would you like to make friends with me?




随着时代的发展,英语口语日渐成为一种学习趋势。作为练习英语口语的有效方法之一,在工作面试中,英语的自我介绍也相当重要。本文是小编为大家整理的精彩的英语自我介绍范文,仅供参考。精彩的英语自我介绍范文篇一My name is ANYJOB From xx Graduated from XXX sch


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