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    Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Choosing an Occupation. You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below in Chinese:
    1. 选择职业是一个人要面对的众多难题之一。
    2. 需要花时间去选择职业。
    3. 选择职业时可以向多人寻求建议和帮助。
    Choosing an Occupation
    One of the most important problems a young person faces is deciding what to do. There are some people, of course, who from the time they are six years old “know” that they want to be doctors or pilots or fire fighters, but the majority of us do not get around to making a decision about an occupation or career until somebody or something forces us to face the problem.
    Choosing an occupation takes time, and there are a lot of things you have to think about as you try to decide what you would like to do. You may find that you will have to take special courses to qualify for a particular kind of work, or you may find out that you will need to get actual work experience to gain enough knowledge to qualify for a particular .
    Fortunately, there are a lot of people you can turn to for advice and help in making your decision. At most schools, there are teachers who are professionally qualified to give you detailed information about job qualifications. And you can talk over your ideas with family members and friends who are always ready to listen and to offer suggestions.


  要求:文章语言流畅,逻辑清晰,用词准确,80-100字左右;词汇参考:地震earthquake悲痛sorrow受到感动be deeply moved安慰comfort重建rebuild自愿做某事volunteer to do sth
  On May 12th, a big earthquake happened in Wenchun, Sichuan. Many people lost their relatives and their homes. All the Chinese people feel quite sorrow.
  A lot of people volunteer to help them. Some people raise money for them, some people buy something for them, some people go there to comfort the sad children. Thousands of soldiers help them to save their relatives and rebuild their homes Even foreign friends also give them a hand.
  I"m deeply moved by these people. So  I"ll use my pocket money to buy some food and school things for the children there. I think all of us should try our best to help them to get out of the trouble together.

篇三:[英语议论文范文]中考英语作文范文 (书信)

  Dear David,
  I'm glad you'll come to Beijing to learn Chinese. Chinese is very useful, and many foreigners are learning it now. It's difficult for you because it's quite different from English. You have to remember as many Chinese words as possible. It's also important to do some reading and writing. You can watch TV and listen to the radio to practise your listening. Do your best to talk with people in Chinese. You can learn Chinese not only from books but also from people around you. If you have any questions, please ask me. I'm sure you'll learn Chinese well.
  Hope to see you soon in Beijing.
  Wang Ming


  May I have your attention, please? I have an announcement to make. The Students’ Union is going to hold a party on Saturday evening, August 15, to welcome our friends from the United States. The party will be held in the roof garden of the Main Building (主搂) .It will begin at 7:30 p.m. There will be music, dancing, singing, games and exchange of gifts. Will everybody please bring along a small gift for this purpose? Remember to wrap it up, sign your name and write a few words of good wishes ( 祝愿).
  Don’t forget: 7:30 Saturday evening, roof garden, Main Building. There’s sure to be a lot of fun. Everybody is welcome.
  Dear Peter,
  We’re so glad you’re coming to join us on Sunday. Here is how you can find us. We’ll have our picnic in the People’s park. You know where that is, don’t you? After you enter the park by the main gate, walk straight on till you come to a stream. Cross the stream and turn right. After walking for a while, you’ll come to a hill. Walk round to the other side of the hill. There you’ll see a lake. We’ll have our picnic there in the small woods by the lake. I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding us. Do come.
  Today we visited a farm. Early in the morning, we met at the school gate and went there together The farm workers gave us a warm welcome. Then the head of the farm showed us around.
  How glad we were to see the crops and vegetables growing well. At noon we had a picnic lunch in the sunshine. After a ten minutes’ break, we had great fun singing and dancing, telling jokes(笑话) or stories. Two of us even played a game of chess. The time passed quickly. Before we knew it,we had to say goodbye to the workers.
  Today is the 16th Teacher’s Day. This morning, the headmaster praised the teachers who did well in their teaching work and gave some teachers medals for their having completed thirty years of teaching. Our English teacher was among them. This afternoon some of my classmates and I went to visit him in his office and we were warmly received by him. We had a talk with him for some time.
  He encouraged us to study hard and be good students. By talking with him we were deeply inspired.
  Dear manager,
  I learn from the newspaper that a secretary of the English language is wanted in your company.I beg to apply for the post.
  My name is Li Hua, a girl of twenty-six. I graduated from the English Department of a university four years ago. I’ve been working as a guide of English for four years. And I take more pleasure in the job as a secretary. I can speak good English as well as Chinese.
  I want very much to be accepted by your company. Please give me an answer if these satisfy you.
                                                                                                        Yours faithfully,
                                                                                                                         Li Hua

篇五:[英语议论文范文]中考英语作文范文 满分作文欣赏

  中国加入 WTO 后,有一大批外国人来我市——河源参观。假设你是导游,请根据以下内容,向外宾简单介绍我市的情况。
  要求: 1. 100 词左右; 2. 要点包括: a. 有悠久的历史,位于广东的东北部,离广州 198 公里,人口约 324 万。 b. 有许多名胜古迹,如苏家围( Sujiawei );万绿湖( WanluLake )等等;万绿湖是一个很美丽的地方,湖水清澈,无污染;湖中有各种各样的鱼;你可以到那里划船,野餐,钓鱼,是度假的好去处。你也可以去参观河源市博物馆,在那里你可以看到许多恐龙化石( fossil )。c. 祝大家在河源玩得愉快。
  Ladies and gentlemen,
  Welcome to Heyuan, now let me introduce our city — Heyuan to you.
  Ladies and gentlemen,
  Welcome to Heyuan, now let me introduce our city — Heyuan to you. Heyuan is a city with a long history. It is in the northeast of Guangdong and 198 kilometres away from Guangzhou. It has a population of 3,240,000.
  There are many places of interest in Heyuan, such as Sujiawei Wanlu Lake and so on. Wanlu Lake is a beautiful place. The water is clean and not polluted. There are all kinds of fish in it. You can go boating, go fishing and have a picnic there. It is really a good place to spend your holiday. Besides, you can go and visit Heyuan Museum. There you can see a lot of dinosaur egg fossils.
  I hope you can enjoy yourselves in Heyuan.
  Thank you.

篇六:[英语议论文范文]中考英语作文范文 Shirley

  Shirley is my best friend. She is not very tall, but she is lovely. She has long hair, and big, bright, smiling eyes. She often smiles. It makes her look nice. She is my deskmate in Grade 5. During that time, I knew she was very helpful and polite. When I worried about something, she always helped me. She was a top student in our class. One day, I was thinking about a Maths problem. She said, “Can I help you?” “Yes, this problem is too difficult, I can’t solve it.” I said. “Don’t worry, I will teach you.” Then, she took her book and taught me, but I didn’t understand. She said again, but I still didn’t understand. So she said again and again. At last, I understood. I thanked her very much; she said with a smile, “That’s all right. Aren’t we good friends?” She is my good friend, Shirley. Do you like her?

篇七:[英语议论文范文]中考英语作文范文 启事

  October 17th
  On the evening of October 16th,I left my Oxford Advanced Learner’s English-Chinese Dictienary in the reading-room.It is new.Will the finder please send it to me in Class Two,senior Grade One or to our monitor?Thank you very much.
  Gao Di




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